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Jul 30, 2008 09:49 AM

Restaurant near Little Italy

Out of town guests are looking for visit to Little Italy. Based on posts, I think I'd do better taking them elsewhere and then stopping by Mulberry Street for cappucino and cannoli. Any suggestions for good eats--at moderate prices--within walking distance of Little Italy? Thanks, hounds!

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  1. I would take them to Bar Stuzzichici on 22nd and Broadway and then do the walk down park ave. south - Broadway and end up in little Italy. They walk will be enough to prepare them for dessert once in little Italy.

    1. Definitely check out I Tre Merli (W Broadway and W Houston) - great pasta and appies in a lofty, minimalist space. Also, the clam pie at Lombardi's is hard to beat.

      1. I lived near little italy for a year, and ate at plenty of the restaurants there. My favorite ON mulberry was La Mela, my favorite italian spot near mulberry was Vincents (on Mott street). Vincents is one of the very few remaining artifacts from little italy, the restaurant has been around for over 100 years (yes, over 100!). It's a solid italian eatery at reasonable prices, and its only a block away from mulbery. I believe its on the corner of Hester and Mott.

        1. OH, and if you want dessert go to Ferraras, another one of the few remaining landmarks that have survived the touristification of Little Italy. It is one of the best italian dessert spots in town, though on weekends it may be busy. Everything is good there, the three berry bosco tart is one of the best kept secrets in new york. Also Bar Stuzzichici is great, but real far from little italy, like a 40-50 minute moderately-paced walk.

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            Check out Lupa or Po in the West Village for terrific Italian food. You might also love Peasant or Public.

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              I think you could convince them that peasant is little italy and the food is fantastic.

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                Lupa and Po are good suggestions and reasonable. I still remember the trout, radicchio and roasted pear dish we had at Lupa earlier this year. Or go to Bacaro on Division Street (at the end of Orchard Street), same owners as Peasant. That's in Chinatown but Chinatown and Little Italy are next door neighbors :)