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Jul 30, 2008 09:26 AM

Sir Pizza in Key Biscayne - Two Thumbs Up!

As you might have read my review of Archie's pizza down the street from Sir Pizza in Key Biscayne. Archie's service was so bad my wife and I just got up and left before ordering and drove down the street a block or two and found Sir Pizza. We went in and it was busy with families and individuals. It reminded me Shakey's Pizza a little. Not sure if they have them in FL but here on the west coast Shakey's used to be really big but with all the other pizza joints I'm sure that they are not as big anymore. By the way we were at Sir Pizza on July 27th about, not sure maybe 1:30 or so or 2:00 maybe.

Anyway I have to say that everything about the experience at Sir Pizza was great. From the guy taking the orders to the people preparing the food to the food itself was right on target. The guy taking the orders, a young guy, a guy with glasses, he was very nice and pleasant. He was helpful as he should be and was professional. This should be the norm but my experience at Archie's tells me that we can't always get professionalism and good people to help us in restaurants. Well the guy at the register was on top of things. The guy cooking the food, maybe he's about 54 years old. He was pleasant too. He would prepare the food, put it on the tray and hand it to the customers. I ordered pizza, philly sandwich and garlic bread. I ordered without onions on the sandwich and when I saw the food preparer I reminded him just in case the order got mixed up. He was pleasant about it and said he'd make sure they did it right. He had a good attitude about it but some places just don't. Some places make a big deal about stuff or act like they are doing you a favor. At Sir Pizza they had an attitude that's true but you know what it was a GOOD ATTITUDE and I like that. No doubt in my mind the guy at the register taking the order got it right but just wanted to remind the food preparer. There was another guy preparing food but didn't interact with him.

The food was great too and the price right. I really have to say I wish here in Los Angeles they had a Sir Pizza. Sir Pizza made my trip to Miami and to KB even better. Great food, great people working there, great environment. One last thing, the people working at Sir Pizza really appreciated their customers and business. Two thumbs up for them. Now for a review of Don Pan Bakery soon.

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  1. So who else here likes Sir Pizza?

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      Glad you like Sir Pizza too! I am totally fed up with Archie's service and low quality of food. My group goes to Key Biscayne every Sat and always go to Archie's. I recommend Sir Pizza but the group like Archie's fancier toppings and salads.: ( I like Archie's less and less w each visit. I think the waiter shares my sentiment too. Last time I went I asked for a dish of olive oil to dip the bread in, he just pointed to the other end of (the very long) table (where my friends are still dipping into that dish). As I arrived a bit late, the bread was almost gone so I asked for another basket and he just said he couldn't bring more. (well, if you want us to stop munching on your bread, bring us the food we ordered!!)

      Not to mention we have grilled veg pizza where the dough was soggy, and half an hour after we ordered a pizza we were told that they are out of whole wheat dough. And being charged for two glasses of iced tea because refill isn't free.

      Sir Pizza's pizza is just so much better. No fancy brie w green apple, proscuitto and what not, but good, solid pizza done right.

      1. re: tarepanda

        tarepanda, I'm glad to know that I'm not alone in finding Archie's unfriendly. You feel this way and another guy in the Archie's thread says the same. I live in pretentious Lost Angeles, oops, I mean Los Angeles and even here I don't find situations as bad as I did in Archie's but I'm sure here in LA there is. One would think the owner of Archie's would notice and do something about this.

        Does your group go to the beach there in KB? I like Crandon Beach it was a beauty.