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Spicy Indian?

Hi CH- two of my Indian coworkers have been complaining about the lack of spicy food here in the city. Can you recommend an Indian restaurant (in Manhattan) that really brings the heat?

Thanks for your help!

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      i've said it before, but the phaal has heat, but lacks flavor. it is a gimmick, a one trick pony, and not worth it, in my opinion

    2. The chicken vindaloo at Bukara Grill is really spicey and is really good. I love Chola, as well. Of coarse, I am not Indian and have never (alas!) travelled there.

      1. When I call Minar for takeaway, I usually specify "Desi spicy" on items like vindaloo. If it's something not meant to be typically spicy (like malai kofta or korma) I just ask for extra-hot. Haandi also does pretty well. Typically I find that the take-aways offer much better spicy cuisine than the sit downs (ironic since it's the South Indian sit-downs that are supposed to be blazing!).

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          Doesn't Minar close really early? I keep wanting to order at a civilised hour, like 7:30 or 8, but I read they closed really early.Maybe Haandi's hours are better?

        2. You can have dinner at Vatan, which is vegetarian but delicious, and tell them to do it extra spicy....It's a great dining experience...

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            Isn't Vatan closed? Last I knew the concept was moved to Gaam.

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              Vatan is closed temporarily for renovation, but Gaam looks like the same menu...It is spicy to me, but you can ask for as spicy as you like....

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              I've never thought of Gujarati as an especially spicy regional cuisine.

            3. Many items on the thalis at Saravanaas are definitely Chennai spicy.


              1. Minar closes at 7:30! Where might one go a bit further downtown to take out an authentic vindaloo where you don't have to get in and out by 7:30?

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                  I don't know if they have it all the time, but Cafe Spice at Grand Central does a respectable vindaloo. I've never found a vindaloo in NY, however, that tastes anything like any vindaloo I had in Goa, and I don't think you'll find a pork vindaloo anywhere in NY.

                2. The spiciest indian I've eaten in the city is not the best I've had, but it was hands down the spiciest: Mughali in the UWS on columbus.

                  Surya does a great job of balancing heavy heat with great flavors.

                  1. I posted something yesterday and have no idea why it never came up or was deleted. But I just wanted to say that your coworkers can go to their favorite places and ask for them to make it extra spicy. In the past, I had no problems with restaurants doing that for me.