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Jul 30, 2008 08:13 AM

Best French 75 in town?

Not much to say outside of the title...thanks!

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  1. I have always enjoyed the French 75s at the Oak Bar in the Fairmont Copely. The prices are not as bad as they seem since they serve the drinks in a carafe large enough for two + glasses.

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    1. re: vonwotan

      My favorite drink! Clink has a good one - if you're not paying for it!

      1. re: remijp

        Yeah, admission fee is definitely a factor for this treat.

    2. Definitely Kingston Station, but not bad at Brasserie Jo. Best avoided at Banq.

      1. Les Zyg does a nice one.

        1. I'm partial to the B Side...

          1. The original comment has been removed