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Jul 30, 2008 08:09 AM

Wheelchair accessible pubs?

Unfortunately, the only decent pub that is wheelchair accessible that I can think of in Toronto is the Dora Keogh. And even then, the washroom would be a tight fit. All my go-to places have stairs at the entrance and/or to the washrooms. Any suggestions, preferably south of Eglinton, between Keele and Wodbine, TTC accessible, would be appreciated.

Thanks, hounds.

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  1. Although I find it to be an overly manufactured "atmosphere" and nothing notable for food, I believe it would fit the bill for accessibility, on King W (just west of Bathurst) The Foggy Dew has no steps to the patio, interior or the WC...and it does stay busy so there must be something good about

    **EDIT** hey h_p, I'm probaly over thinking this, but, I would feel so bad if I was wrong! PLEASE do call ahead...

    ...also, see on the site there is a series of links for 5 or so of their other pubs around town..


    1. The Brazen Head Irish Pub in Liberty Village is a fairly new establishment...nice patio...not bad food and good beer...also has a main floor washroom....Miranda

      1. Any new pub should be accessible -- they have to be to get a new liquor license and some are not bad. I will try and find some names for you.

        1. Not really a pub, and I've never been, but the Bier Markt is wheelchair accessible...

          1. Southside Louie's on College at Clinton is accessible, there's a wheelchair compatible restroom on the main floor. No barrier at the entrance and a ramp leading into the rear area of the bar.