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Jul 30, 2008 07:45 AM

BYOB to Babbo?

I have a very expensive, 1982 wine that I wanted to take to Babbo. Would they let you bring in your own if it's a good wine?

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  1. An old posting from 2002 on eGullet would suggest no, you cannot bring your own wine to Babbo.

    CH posting on 2005 indicated that it was still in place:

    1. You are much better off just calling Babbo and asking if they they allow you to bring in your own wine and if they do ask about the corkage fee.

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        I think if you called and spoke to the wine director and explained the occassion you might stand a chance; as long as the wine is not stocked in house.

        If you are looking for a reasonable corking fee with great food. Eleven Madison Park charged me $25 to uncork a Vintage bottle of Krug that I was saving for a special occasion and was well worth the expense.