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Jul 30, 2008 07:30 AM

Thai Pepper + Mikado

Stopped by Mikado in Ardmore last night to discover that it has merged with Thai Pepper. They've opened up a passage between the two formerly separate restaurants, left the sushi bar from the former Mikado, and made the kitchen in Thai Pepper partially open.

Prospectively I wasn't too happy with the idea of the change, as the two cuisines seem quite distinct to me, and I was more of a fan of Mikado than of Thai Pepper. Also the new menu seems to offer a lot less by way of Japanese dishes than did the old Mikado menu (or so it seemed to my increasingly unreliable memory, at least as concerns such subjects). That said, our appetizer of crunchy fried calamari with two dipping sauces was excellent, as was my entree of sesame-crusted sushi-grade tuna on wasabi mashed potatoes. And my wife's sushi platter also looked quite good.

The credit-card bill listed only "Thai Pepper" - don't know if that means that they're the governing party in the merger (or if the merger was more like a take-over).

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  1. interesting considering the wayne thai pepper location is in a building shared with a japanese restaurant, too!

    mergers and takeovers - i work in pharma so i see the terms a good bit - but funny to see them used in the context of a restaurant! :)

    just went to the wayne thai pepper the other day and they're still going strong; love that lunch special of soup+app+smaller entree.

    1. I think they've always been connected in some way or another... even when they were two seperate "buildings", the kitchen was always shared between the two. I discovered this the first time I ate there, about 6 years ago. We went to Mikado for
      sushi, paid with a credit card and the slip said "Thai Pepper'. When I asked, I was told they were essentially the same restaurant with the same owners.

      1. yeah I thought they were always the same company (and was it the same people as Teikoku?)

        1. Interesting tidings... in the past, one could sit in one venue (e.g., Thai Pepper), but order from the "other" menu (e.g., Mikado) , as long as the majority of patrons ordered from the room they were dining in (Thai Pepper). This will make ordering Thai and Sushi at the same table for different diners much easier...

          Did they move the sushi bar, or otherwise alter the sushi menu?

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          1. re: phungi

            I hadn't realized that they were the same company before. But if the physical changes just make apparent what had been a somewhat hidden notion before, I wonder why the reduction in the Japanese side of the menu? Maybe just reflecting market forces?

            The sushi bar is in the same location as before. I didn't look closely at the menu, so I can't say whether they altered the sushi menu at all.