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Jul 30, 2008 07:14 AM

trader joe's cilantro chive dip recipe?

Hi Everyone.

I love trader joe's yogurt cilantro chive dip but it's not ecomonical for a large group. Does anyone have a good close recipe?

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  1. it's usually easy to "invent" a receipe from TJ's products. just write down the ingredients listed and try to guesstimate the proportions. i did this with there ranchero egg white salad and it came out perfect. you can probably kind of tell by looking at the dip what the ratios are.

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      I did. I got the TJs Greek yogurt, bled it. Pureed cilantro, chives, garlic, tiny bit of olive oil. Added onion powder, salt and pepper. It's chilling for tomorrow night. It's going to be about the ratios.

    2. 4 years later....1/2 a container of Fage 0 Fat Greek Yogurt; 1/2 Cup mayonnaise, 1/3-1.2 bunch of Cilantro, 3-4 tbsp of dried Chive, big shake of garlic powder, 2 big shakes seasoning salt, pepper and a shake of Cayenne pepper.

      Cut up the Cilantro and add after mixing all other ingredients. Enjoy