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Jul 30, 2008 07:12 AM

californian tackles new england

i am driving from new york city to whitefield new hampshire (first time to new england) and i am leaving in the morning and need to be in whitefield by 7 pm at the latest on the same day. i would like to stop for both breakfast and lunch on the way (or just lunch if that is all that will work) and since i am not at all familiar with the drive i dont know how out- of the way towns/restaurants are on route. i see there are many suggestions for meals in CT, MA, etc., but i dont know if they are on the route or too far out. i know for at least the last part of the trip i will be driving on 93 but until i get the GPS i dont know the rest of the roads. Can anyone suggest restaurants on the way not too far off the beaten path to whitefield. we will eat anything of course, but since we are in new england, we are really looking forward to seafood as well as one-of-a-kind diners. thank you!

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  1. It looks like you will be taking Rte 91 north through CT, MA, and VT. You can find numerous suggestions on this board. For timing purposes, Northampton, MA is approx. 3 hours away from the city, depending on traffic, of course. White River Junction is a couple more hours.

    Also, as you will be mostly driving in the interior of New England, I wouldn't bother with seafood. New England seafood really only shines along the coast. That's not to say you cannot find good seafood elsewhere, just that it's not the same experience.

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      Not the same experience I'll agree.....but a friend recently commented on something I had never really noticed can also get good seafood in the mtns (albeit usually of the fried variety). We were camping at Swanzey lake in NH for July 4th and ate at a place out of desperation (hungry kids, lack of preparation). As touristy as you can get.....a giant inflatable crab (if my memory serves me) on the rood, all fakey nautical decor inside....and every one of us - 4 adults, 3 kids - were happy w/our meals. We ordered a mix of fried and baked dishes, all were good.

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        True. Rick's Tavern in Newfane, Vermont has an excellent "Fish Fry" every Friday. It's perfectly "melt in your mouth" cooked. The fish is delivered fresh from Boston. Matter of fact, just about any restaurant in the Brattleboro area will have excellent fish at least on Friday. And it all comes straight from Boston, so I'm told.

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          You're referring to Nick's. It's had its bad days, but you can usually have good luck there. Yes, it is an inflatable crab, and yes, it's tacky. ;-)

      2. I did a little research for you. In order to get to Whitefield N.H. you should go Rt.95 to New Haven Ct. and then turn north onto Rt. 91 ,Stay on 91 all the way thru Conn. and continue on through Mass. and into Vermont. Your final destination is only about 20 miles from Rt.91, when you get up that far. As Rt.91 angles off to the right,and heads toward N.H. It would be way out of your way to go Rt.95 all the way thru Ct. and into R.I. and then north to Rt.495 and on to Rt.93. Im not sure what the milage is ,but I would advise you to pick out a mapping site, and put in your start point and Finnish point. and see what it tells you. You can also use Google and put in your final destination and it will show you how far north into N.H. you are going. And you can widen out the view and back track your routes and you will see how far out of the way ,going Rt.93 would be. Hope this helps you somewhat. Good luck. Earle Ct.

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          Agree, it's 91 all the way, 93 doesn't factor in. Northampton & Brattleboro are the cities she'll hit.

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            If you are ready to stop near Brattleboro, I always used to like the Chelsea Royal Diner. It's out on Route 5 to the west a bit, but really not too far off the beaten path. There also used to be a BBQ joint - only open in the summer - in the big blue school bus. Curtis' BBQ it's called. It's in Putney. If you like German food, another family favorite in Springfield is called The Fort. Here is the link:

            Have fun!

            8 Fort St, Springfield, MA 01103

        2. cannot thank everyone enough for suggestions/help with this trip!

          1. If you are going through MA about lunchtime, I would recommend Paul & Elizabeth's restaurant in downtown Northhampton. We stopped there a month ago. It is not too far from 91 and has good light lunches, sandwiches and vegetarian specials. Only problem might be in spotting the front door. It is in an arcade and there is only a small sign on main street. Lots of municipal parking a block south.

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              New Haven pizza is just minutes away from the 95/91 interchange in New Haven CT. Sallys, Pepe's & Modern are all within 5 minutes.

            2. Don't know if I'm too late to comment on this, but for lunch in the Pioneer Valley of Massachusetts I've always had good luck at Bub's in Sunderland. Southern-style BBQ with a whole fixins bar and everything. Outdoor seating as well if you are so inclined. On route 116 (take the Amherst/Sunderland exit from 91).