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Stores Around Boston With Good Stonewall Kitchen Mustard Selection?

I thought that Whole Foods might have a good selection of Stonewall Kitchen mustards, but they didn't have very many. Anyone know of any places near Boston that has a good selection? I'm looking in particular for the apricot ginger mustard. Thanks!

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  1. I've seen huge displays in Roche Bros. and Sudbury farms....

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      Yes, the Roche Bros. in Wellesley has half of an isle devoted to Stonewall Kitchen products.

    2. If I recall correctly, I've bought quite a few different varieties from Russo's in Watertown.

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        Yes, I get mine at Russo's. Whole foods have some as well. Bourbon Molasses is my favorite.

      2. Haven't been recently, so you may want to call, but Milton Marketplace in East Milton Square always had a good selection. Also, at the Wrentham Premium Outlets, there is a kitchen store that has quite a selection, with plenty of free samples.

        1. Fruit Center in Milton has a large selection of all Stonewall Products. Big display across from the flower department,

          1. I believe that last couple of jars I picked up were from Bob's Foods in Medford.

            1. Not to seem like a turd, but Stonewall Kitchen is only about an hour away. Plus you could hit Barnacle Billy's for lunch.

              Milton Fruit Center carries a lot of their product. Also, they make the Barefoot Contessa products -- perhaps BC has that mustard in its line?

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                also not trying to be a turd, but you can order from them directly. They send their mustards, jams and jellies in a nice box [six per box, if I recall correctly], and it gets to you in just a few days. Great last minute gift solution I have used in the past.

              2. The best source might be Stonewall Kitchen. Their closest outpost to Boston would likely be the one in the Chestnut Hill Mall (about a half mile walk from the T stop of the same name, or right off Route 9 in Newton if you drive).

                That's assuming that Maine doesn't count as "Boston Area."

                BTW: Which Whole Foods is deficient in Stonewall? The ones I've frequented are pretty good. It might vary from store to store.

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                  They're all moving their Stonewall Kitchen product from the Cheese department to the grocery department, so they may not be carrying as much....

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                    There used to be a great selection of Stonewall stuff in the Brighton WF, much poorer now.

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                      I went to the one in Fresh Pond. They had maybe 4 types of mustard there from Stonewall Kitchen, and only a few of each.

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                        Um.. the Stonewall Kitchen store in Chestnut Hill closed in like 2006. The closest retail store now is in Portsmouth, NH.

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                          The Chesnut Hill Mall location closed about 2 years ago.

                        2. Already mentioned twice, but just an FYI that Milton Marketplace and the Fruit Center is the same place in East Milton Square. The grocery store (the Fruit Center) has a huge wall of Stonewall Kitchen goods when you walk in via the entrance near CVS.

                          1. Strangely I've found a good selection of Stonewall Kitchen products, including mustards, at The Paper Store location in West Roxbury (in front of Roche Bros.) Their selection is much more extensive than the one inside the Roche Bros! There is also a good selection at Barber's on Route 135 in Natick.

                            1. I order my Stonewall products directly from them online. I love their ketchup and they have a vidallia onion sauce that is great.

                              1. I think they have a bunch at Cardullo's in Harvard Square, unless I'm just remembering all the Raye's.

                                1. I was just at the Fruit Center at the East Milton Marketplace, and they had a large selection of Stonewall Kitchen mustards, including the aforementioned Apricot Ginger and Bourbon Molasses at $4.99/jar.

                                  Out of curiosity, how do you like to use them?

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                                    I would call ahead to make sure the Fruit Center has Apricot Ginger in stock - I returned to pick up something I had forgotten and didn't see it. I may have been mistaken or, hopefully, you may have scooped up the available jars. In any event, I hope I did not cause an unwarranted detour.

                                  2. Thanks for all the suggestions, everyone. I'll be traveling through New York State over the next few days, so perhaps I'll find it out there, but if not, I'll check Fruit Center, Russo's, and some of the other places mentioned when I get back. Thanks again!