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Jul 30, 2008 06:49 AM

Where to buy grass-fed beef?

Hello all! I was wondering if anyone knew where to buy grass-fed beef to cook at home. Any thoughts?


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  1. Union Square Farmer Market definitely has it.

    I have even seen it at Whole Foods.

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    1. re: kobetobiko

      Except that Whole Foods seems to carry only grass fed beef from other countries, not the U.S. Seems odd, since there are several producers here who can't get their beef into Whole Foods. (Read more here: You can also order it online at several outlets. One is (No, I don't know those people, and have no affiliation with them. I like the fact that their cattle are raised in the U.S., and the beef is definitely grass fed.)

      1. re: nancy007

        nancy you are right. If I recalled correctly the grass-fed beef at WF is from Australia (which, of course, produce excellent beef). I am not sure why.

        1. re: kobetobiko

          I just came from WF Chelsea and saw grass fed from NJ. Not quite NYC but closer than Australia. Eat well.

        2. re: nancy007

          I bought local, grass fed ground beef a WF, Union Sq, on Saturday. 9.99/lb. I wasn't aware that the grass fed beef I ususally buy there was from Australia, but I liked the taste of it much better (it had more flavor, and a more interesting floavor)than the local stuff i just bought.

          1. re: howboy

            Hey Howboy,
            What cut did you get? I'll look out for it.

            1. re: JeremyEG

              It was labeled "local ground grass fed beef" cut mentioned.

      2. Citarella carries grass-fed beef from Australia:

        1. Last time I was in Fairway (Harlem), I noticed some pre-packaged cuts of grass-fed beef in the cold room. Don't know any more specifics, though.

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          1. re: Striver

            It's Tallgrass Beef, from Kansas I believe, and I'm a big fan. The grass-fed I've had from the farmers' markets has always been too lean. I have not had Gazin' Angus Acres beef, however. Tallgrass is impressively marbled (for grass-fed [sigh]).

          2. Gramercy Butcher also carries it.

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            1. re: Miss Needle

              Great, thanks for all the suggestions! I know that Union Square Farmers Market is supposed to carry it, but i think they're only there M, W, and F which is hard to get to with work and all. I'll definitely check these out -- thanks!

              1. re: midtownfoodie

                The best grass fed beef I've found at the US market is Grazin' Angus Acres on Fridays. He also has excellent chicken. I wish his prices were lower, but the quality is fantastic. I know he does a couple of other markets on other days including the weekend as well, but I'm not sure where/when. Check out their website,

                1. re: adrman

                  I passed by a stand (can't recall the name) at US market today that was selling grass-fed beef as well.

                  1. re: adrman

                    I'll definitely swing by the market on Friday then to try it out. Thanks again!

                    1. re: midtownfoodie

                      I did think that there was a vendor there on Saturdays as well - if I go by this weekend (hoping for some better tomatoes than I got last weekend), I'll post back.

                      1. re: MMRuth

                        There is a booth on Saturdays that sells buffalo and beef, but I wouldn't recommend it. Sorry to say, the meat is pretty blah, as lots of grass fed beef is. I'm very much in favor of not eating corn-stuffed cow, but there's not much point in bothering with grass-fed if it lacks flavor. That's why I like Tallgrass beef--it's not nearly as much of a sacrifice.

                        1. re: jasmurph

                          With the exception of GAA, that's been my experience with the grassfed beef available at the greenmarkets as well. GAA is very nicely marbled and can be prepared properly. The other vendors will tell you to cook their beef over low heat because the meat lacks marbling. Although it's great for a chuck roast, low heat does not a good steak make.

                          As a fallback, Ceriello's in the Grand Central Market usually has some very nice grass fed rib steaks available as well.

                          1. re: jasmurph

                            Yeah, I haven't been too impressed by them either.

                            On the other hand, while it's not quite what you were looking for, Three Corner Field farm has outstanding grass-fed lamb. They're there Saturdays for sure, and Wednesdays part of the year, although they were not there yesterday. Not sure if it's the wrong time of year or they just didn't make it.

                2. Also, I recently tasted local, organic grass fed beef that was finished only briefly with corn. Not as sustainable as entirely grass fed but as someone who has eaten far more Keen's, Luger's, and Florence Prime Meat than he would like to admit, this beef is very close in marbling and flavor to much of the prime beef I've tasted. I was really surprised. It does not pass through the feedlot system ever and there are no antibiotics used.
                  Eat well.