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Jul 30, 2008 06:26 AM

S'getti Eddies- a disappointment

Hubby and I ordered delivery from there last night. He got the cheeseburger sub and a side of fries and i got Spaghetti bowl with marinara and meatballs which comes with a side of garlic bread. Hubby liked his sub, but said it was no better than Angelo's (where we usually order from, and they are much less expensive) and I sampled his fries- they were great. My bowl, on the other hand, was a big disappointment. Since it was coming from the Dopkin empire, I expected high quality ingredients and some level of sophistication. That was not what I got... it was overcooked spaghetti covered with an average tomato sauce and the meatballs were more filler than meat- they were light as air. The garlic bread was good, but nothing special.
My expectations were high based on the price and the reputation, but we won't be ordering from there again. Have others had the same experiences? What about their pizza? is it better than average? We have enjoyed their philly cheese steak sub in the past, but not worth the price tag in comparison to Angelo's...

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  1. We also had a horrible meal there once. I came home and ate dinner afterwards – that's how little of the pasta primavera I could even eat! It's cafeteria food, at best and a real shock given the ownership.

    1. I dont think the pizza is very good, and certainly does not compare to Angelo's

      Call me a hater, but I dont think that any of the Alonsoville restaurants are very chow worthy. I think that they are all the same combination of slick marketing, including outstanding menu item description, prepared with no love, and very overpriced.

      I have never really understood the love that is shown for this group. S'getti Eddies pizza was very doughy and standard in my book. I am guessing cooked on a convayer as oppposed to a real pizza oven ( a real distinction in my book) and ridiulusly over priced

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        Aaaaaa-men! I will admit that Alonso's margherita pizza is passable and they are open late. I also admit I haven't tried Ms Shirley's.

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          I have to disagree on Miss Shirley's. I find it to be frequently good to great food: both the grits and the sweet potato fries are simply fantastic. And baring one extremely ignorant server (who is the sole reason my dad refuses to eat there whenever he comes into town), the service has been pretty good.

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            I like Miss Shirley's a lot, it is the one exception which proves the rule of the mediocrity of Alonsoville.

        2. I thought their pizza was kind of terrible. I had a veggie sub and it was decent but yeah it isn't any great shakes and it is totally overpriced for what it is.

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            1. Not sure what's up with the S'ghetti sweet potato fries either. Picked up a pizza and a side of sweet potato fries thinking that they would be the same as the delicious fries at Miss Shirley's..wrong! They looked like mozzarella sticks with sweet potato baby food inside. Disappointing. I agree with everyone else's sentiments on the pizza...subpar at best, doesn't matter what kind of pizza you prefer.

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                I think their idea was to segment the market and offer cheap and filling subshop grade fare for students in all those dorms up the street. Too bad it's bad. I miss the days when Alonso's was the top burger and bartender scene in town. It's like the Sun--somebody with money bought an institution thinking they could do a good job and ruined it.