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Jul 30, 2008 06:12 AM

Saturday Farmer's Market Recs. Eastern Shore pref

Greetings, denizens of CH!
This Saturday I'd like to take my wife over to the Eastern Shore for her birthday. We live in DC. My thought is to get up early and drive over the Bridge, catch a farmer's market, and pick up fresh food for a nice afternoon picnic on the Bay. If you could help me with the following:
a.) Cheap, tasty breakfast spot (think diner) on the way out to the Bridge. Coffee shop recs are also appreciated.
b.) Good local farmer's market on the Eastern Shore (could be on the West or East side of the Bay)
c.) Nice spot to catch a picnic (I've heard St. Michael's and Easton)
d.) Local Eastern Shore foods that are a must get at the market (sweet corn, crab cakes, etc.)

Any and all help is appreciated. I want this to be a great birthday for my wife!

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  1. Sounds fun! Very nice...
    a) Holly's in Grasonville sounds like what you are looking for for breakfast
    b) it's small but the only one I know of is the farmer's market in easton that BF and I stumbled on during our visit a couple weeks ago
    c) not sure where you'd picnic in Easton, small town once you walk a few blocks that's really it, if we had more time we would have made our way to St Micheal's...I hear things here and there about Oxford? Maybe someone has more input.

    Hope that gives you a little help. Search the Mid Atlantic Boards for this as well. I posted something on Eastern Shore before my trip so it's a recent post

    1. There is a gourmet market in Queenstown at the outlets that has some good stuff. One time my sister and i went over there and got some goodies and then drove down to St Michaels and picnicked on the grounds of the Inn at Perry Cabin!! we kept thinking someone would come out and eject us but they never did. YOu could probably find gourmet picnic suppies right there is St Michaels as well; they have some nice markets (not farmer's kind though) from what i remember.

      1. Try a day or overnight in Chestertown, MD. Same distance from the Bay Bridge as Easton or St. Michaels. It's actually an amazing historic town with a handful of good places to eat, a traditional fountain park in the city center, beautiful colonial homes, art and used book stores, a small college up the hill. Picnicking on benches in Fountain Park, or in Wilmer Park along the Chester River waterfront. The Farmer's Market and Art Market start every Saturday at 9:00am. You can spend the rest of the day walking through town being amazed at what $400,000 can still get you.

        Take the smaller roads (Rt 213) from the bay bridge through farmland and past roadside produce stands--some with people, some with coffee cans to take your money. Corn and melons this time of year. And what more CHOWish recommendation can you get than Progressive Farmer magazine naming Kent County the #1 rural place to live in America in 2008:

        Kent County seems to have really figured out good agricultural land use practices. Have fun (and bring me back another two dozen ears of corn).

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          I second both Holly's and Chestertown! There is a great park on the river in Chestertown or even the end of High St. at the river is nice for a picnic. Hubby gave me my engagement ring at the park, w/ champagne!

        2. The two best farmers' markets in the area you're heading toward are:
          1) the FreshFarm Market in St. Michaels which was the original started by the the folks who later opened the Dupont Circle Market.
          Only problem is that it opens at 8:30 and the locals swarm it like mosquitoes.
          2) the market in Easton behind Harrison's Liquor Store close to the Historic District. All local stuff and a little more laid back than St. Michaels.

          If you miss those - and that's likely because you have to be a real early bird - the Amish Market is terrific. Also the farm stands all along Rt. 33 between Easton and St. Michaels are great. I've been picking up corn and melons from them for over a month now and been one happy girl.

          There's a nice place to picnic in the Town Square in St. Michaels and the Maritime Museum has some good places too. It's really worth the time - especially if it gets too hot to be outside or it rains. That's the Miles River at St. Michaels, not the Bay up there though.
          The area around the Oxford-Bellvue Ferry landing might be fun for a picnic.