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May 30, 2003 03:06 PM

Rooibos tea

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I was scrolling through the posting on S. African restaurants and noticed someone mentioned Rooibos tea. The first time I smelled and tasted the stuff, it reminded me of dirt. Gradually though I came to like it and its touted as extremely healthy, much more so than green tea with more antioxidants, etc. If fact, it is not really tea, but some other kind of bush.

My question...there is tea shop on the corner Fairfax and Rosewood across from Eat-A-Pita that specializes in Rooibos but seems never to be open. Has anyone actually been to this place? How was it?

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  1. As an alternative, I suggest going to Hugo's on Santa Monica Blvd, they have lots of Rooibos tea there.

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      Hugo's is awesome for tea. I second that.

    2. I've never been to the rooibos place on Fairfax, but a link to their page is below (with hours!). I think I've also seen their tea at Trader Joe's.

      The rooibos blends from Republic of Tea are pretty good, and you can't go wrong with the Freshpak (available from the African Hut). Chado Tea Room on 3rd also sells looseleaf rooibos blends.


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        will have to check this place out, do you know if they are still open? we bought some nice rooibos from Palais Des Thes last week but looking for Green Rooibos (unfermented), seems this store carries it.

      2. You can add milk or cream to Rooibos and it does not curdle. This is not possible with many herbal teas, especially any with fruit flavors.

        1. I bought some loose rooibos at Tao of Tea in Portland last weekend and it is swell. There is also a flowery mix called Cape Town town they sell in tins. I am not exactly hippy vegan healthy about food but this stuff goes down pretty easy with vanilla soy milk.

          1. Try Ground Works (used to be Gourmet Coffee House) on Rose and 7th Ave in Venice. They carry it - might even be available in organic as well since alot of what they carry is organic. They are known for their fresh roasted coffee beans of all kinds but also carry alot of teas as well. The place doesn't look like much from the outside, but looks are definitely deceiving in their case.