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Jul 30, 2008 04:23 AM

Sushi/Asian in the West End?

My husband and I have a date on Thursday night (a babysitter! no kids!) and we'd like to grab some sushi before we go see a show .

Any good sushi eateries in the area?

If not, we're up for some good Thai or Vietnamese as well.

Price isn't necessarily an issue, but we will have only about 1.5 hours to eat.

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  1. Try 101 Thai for Isaan dishes (back part of the menu) in Hammersmith.

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    1. re: limster

      Thanks. Hammersmith is actually not quite the area I had in mind, since we are seeing a show in Covent Garden/Russell Square area.Sorry if I wasn't clear in my post.

      However, my husband works in Hammesmith, and we are always looking for good lunch spots there, so we'll give it a go.

      1. re: dexters

        Woops, sorry misread the geographical locale.

        Try Donzoko, a Japanese izakaya on Kingly Street in Soho. For notch up in quality and price try Kikuchi near Tottenham Court Road.

    2. Tomoe on Marylebone Lane for sushi.

      1. While I like Tomoe a lot, it might be a bit far for a 1.5 hour time slot.

        How about Edokko in Holborn? It's a bit closer to the West End, especially if your show is near Aldwich. Quality is quite good too.


        1. Thanks for all the replies. Unfortunately the tube was conspiring against us, so we were running pretty late. We ended up taking a bus to Edokko, but by the time we got here we only had 45 minutes to eat and didn't want to rush through it. Ended up ducking into a very mediocre yakitori place across the street from the theatre on Compton Rd. Blech.

          The menu looked amazing, so I can't wait to go back.