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Jul 30, 2008 04:12 AM


HI! Heading out to Ambler area. I know there area few good spots. Any suggestions?
Zakes Cakes, Trax, Bridgets 8 West, etc. Which is best?

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  1. Zakes is BYO and loud. The food is decent. Bridgets is wonderful. They advertise as a steakhouse, but we had fish and it was great. Their calamari is fantastic. Also, on Sundays Bridge is BYO if you choose. Traxx is louder than loud. Many would disagree, but I don't think their food is that great. LaCava is great for upscale Mexican. Other than Traxx, We would go to any of the rest. Like I said, many will disagree. I guess if we all liked the same thing, food would be pretty boring!

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      Bocelli is a very nice little BYOB housed in the Gwynned Valley train station. Not on main street Ambler, but close enough.

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        Definitely agree that Bridgets and La Cava are great options. I personally love Trax, just had dinner there on Saturday and it was wonderful, but I do know that there are mixed reviews out there. The patio is a bit quieter than inside.

        If you have dinner at a restaurant along Butler, after dinner you can walk over to agave or Scanachie for some live music or to toto's for some of the best gelato around.