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Jul 29, 2008 11:43 PM

Six89 Carbondale... BIG dissapointment

This evening I dined at Six89 in Carbondale with four other friends of mine. I had never been to the restaurant, but the menu looked pleasing; I decided to take my four, out of town, guests to the restaurant. We arrived for our reservation a few minutes late after a movie, I had informed the restaurant beforehand we would be a little late, they said no problem. There was no one at the host stand for a few minutes, then someone came and seated us on the porch outside. Our table had two place settings on it, thats all. We asked to dine inside so after a few minutes and telling numerous memebers of the staff we wanted to dine inside, we were shown to our table. We sat down, and everything was fine. The server came up and greeted us, shirt not tucked in, talking to us with his hands on his hips and very casual, like we were dining at a burger joint. We had to ask for a wine and beverage list to be brought over. A few ordered wine, and when the server presented and poured he did a very poor job, banging glasses together, having to leave and get a new bottle to finish the pour, just very unprofessional. Next we were rushed to order our entrees. We were only informed about half of the specials, I had to ask the server for the entree special as he just walked away after telling us the starters. We ordered parmesan truffel fries as a table starter, they had no taste of truffel whatsoever, they were terrible. They didnt have any sauce with them nor ketchup or anything for dipping even offered. We ordered our appetizers and entrees, two ordered heirloom tomato salad, two ordered salmon corn chowder soup, one ordered squash blossoms, tw of us ordered halibut, one ordered salmon, the server did not ask for a temperature on the salmon, and two ordered chicken. We were brought bread and the fries, and then our appetizers. The portions were normal for appetizers, not generous, not too smal. However, the soups were $13 each, for a cup of soup of the day, it was very unexpected. The soup was rich so I would not have wanted a larger portion, however; $13 for a cup of soup, I could have gone without it considering it was just okay, nothing special. When the entree arrived the portions of fish were slightly small, but nothing too dissapointing, however; a huge letdown was the absence of vegetables on the plate. Six89 is suppose to be known for local organic produce and quality ingredients. The genuine idea for local produce is greatly appreciated by many and attracts many as well, however; the restaurant must deliver this. The salmon had a few beans on the plate, very small amount of greens, the halibut had one small piece of aspargus cut into thirds with a presentation of corn underneath the fish, once again no vegetables, and the chicken Im not sure if it even had vegetables, all I remember was polenta on the plate. One of the main reasons I have been dying to try Six89 was due to the fact of organic, local quality ingredients and lots of fresh vegetables and seeing the lack of this was very dissapointing. During dinner the water service was poor, I had an empty glass for fifteen minutes until someone came to fill it up, and this happened numerious times. We had finished dinner and were too stuffed for dessert, not that we were even presented a dessert menu. The server was rushing us and could have cared less if we had ordered dessert or not, however; one person at the table was interested in dessert and she wasn't offered a menu or anything. I was too full for dessert but the server should have delivered the dessert menu regaurdless because one person was interested. We were not offered any coffee or after dinner drinks, he just dropped the check on the table very quickly. I picked up the bill and was appauled to find 20% gratuity added onto the bill. The last time I checked you do not add the gratuity onto the bill in a fine dining restaurant, especially when the party is less than six people. The bill was expensive for what we had recieved, and 20% gratuity was much more than this server had ever deserved. When we left we weren't even thanked for dining there... frankly I was embarrassed I suggested that restaurant to bring my guests to. I had high expectations for Six89 and they performed at a much lower level than acceptable. I will not be returning in the future due to all the dissapointments of the evening between the food, service, and attitude of the entire restaurant. There are many other restaurants in the valley I would much rather take my business to.

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  1. Hey, there's this thing on your keyboard called a return key, you use it to create paragraph breaks... :)

    Sounds like you had a rough evening, especially servicewise. I haven't been to Six89, but I've heard good things, so I'm curious...what were you expecting, vegetablewise? I mean, if I order a protein-based entree at an upmarket place, I'd expect it to be a normal-sized (e.g., 5 to 8 oz., not 1 lb.) piece of fish or meat with a vegetable that's more like a garnish—beautiful and prepared beautifully, but not necessarily a full portion. That's just the standard plate these days, in my experience.

    So my question is, is Six89 known for doing much more with veggies? Would there have been a vegetarian special you could have ordered to get the full experience you were expecting that the server just never got around to mentioning?

    I have to admit its online menu too annoying for me to look at closely. "Irreverent menu lexicon"? Ick.

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    1. re: tatamagouche

      I had assumed with their mission as a restaurant to use all this local organic produce and quality ingredients that the vegetables in the dish would be an element of the dish, rather than a garnish. It was dissapointing.

      1. re: 3star

        Well, but lots of upscale restaurants tout their use of local produce. I'm just trying to get a sense of what you were expecting compared to what you might expect from other, similar places.

        At any rate, let us know how the conversation with the GM goes--I agree with Claire that a good one will want to pinpoint where things went wrong and try to remedy them in future.

        1. re: tatamagouche

          A problem I've seen here in the high country is that the produce is very late and my guess is that it may not be very robust. At the farmers markets the vendors say 2 to 3 weeks but the items in their stands looks like 4 weeks behind if at all. The fruit, peaches and apricots are here, but little corn or tomatoes,

          1. re: BlueOx

            That's an intriguing observation/possible explanation, BlueOx. Do you think that Six89 overstates its ability to deliver the goods, then?

            1. re: tatamagouche

              I think all the places that depend on local (western slope) veggies (fruit doesn't seem to be as impacted) have had to scramble. The most likely place for local produce in the Roaring Fork Valley is Hotchkiss, Delta and the Grand Valley. We didn't have Spring this year, the last snow was on June 11.

              I bought tomatos last Saturday from a Edwards Market stand and he was scrambling to pair ripe with unripe to get a container he could sell. When I tried them at home, they tasted more like a hot house grown.

    2. Well, thank goodness that at least you were stuffed.

      1. The original comment has been removed