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Jul 29, 2008 11:04 PM

Good Lunch places at Downtown Pasadena

Started work at Downtown Pasadena and am impressed with the number of restaurants there! I would like some recommendations for after-noon lunch (Saw a couple of posts that had people recommending for dinner).

Few names I heard so far,
Café Atlantic
Senor Fish
Kuala Lumpur
Melting Pot

Thanks in advance :o)

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  1. Melting Pot does not offer lunch. However, they do a fun happy hour...if you like cheese and chocolate. Their drinks are fabulous.
    Try Euro Pane...sandwiches and desserts...think of Corner Bakery...but significantly better because they actually bake their own stuff.

    1. Might consider places like Market O, Aun Deli Cafe, Elements Kitchen, Central Park, and Cafe Santorini.

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        I think market O is no longer. I walked by the other night and it had a license for something else in the window and it looked like it was under renovation. It was dark so I could have the wrong location but I'm pretty sure. I hear the Tibet Nepal House has a great lunch buffet although i've never been. I've had dinner there and it's pretty good. There's also 54 Holly, a rundown looking diner. They make great fried rice and eggs. A big portion so enough for a big leftover snack or another meal.

      2. um, just an fyi.... Xiomara, Cafe Atlantic and Kuala Lumpur are no longer and unless they've recently opened a Senor Fish in Pasadena, the one i'm aware of that's in this area is actually in South Pasadena.

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          Yeah, Xiomara and Cafe Atlantic became Mojitos.

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            Señor Fish is in South Pas, corner of Mission and Grand (across from Trader Joe's), and there's another on Eagle Rock Blvd. at Norwalk. Both schlepps, though I've done them often. I think the food's a half-notch better in South Pas, but the Eagle Rock location has a very pleasant atmosphere while SoPa has none.

            I do recommend Central Park for lunch. Excellent burger.

          2. Le pain quotidien for good, though expensive, sandwich salad type stuff.
            You should do a search on the board, I came up with this:

            1. I think Daisy Mint is excellent. Asian fusion.

              Daisy Mint
              1218 E Colorado Blvd, Pasadena, CA

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                Daisy Mint is 1 mile and a half down the street, not walking distance from Old Town for a lunch hour. But if you're looking for driving-distance places, that'll open up a whole slew of stuff besides Daisy Mint. Just let us know.

                La Grande Orange is a couple blocks from Colorado. I thought it was ok, worth trying, interesting location.