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Jul 29, 2008 09:30 PM

NYT has finally discovered Flushing

pretty funny, pretty much summarizes most of the major recs, findings, hits, obsessions, threads, etc. for Flushing's chinese food. I can also picture all the threads (and contributors) I've read over the past few years while reading this article; it's almost like seeing your child grow up or something.

the interactive map is pretty cool though, in particular the printable list:

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  1. Interesting. I'm actually more worried then excited about seeing this, but good stuff. They must've found Chowhound in a google search last week... It's funny that Chengdu Heaven is usually skipped or mildly neglected (as occurred with Fuschia Dunlop's trip through Golden Mall) and it is CLEARLY because the owners speak about 6 words of English if they work together as a team and the menu is untranslated and lacks wall pictures. But so long as they stay in business, I'm happy with that.

    1. The interactive map is super slick, with photographs, pronunciation guide, and video clips! I think it might be worth it alone just for the PDF of all 20 items and photographs OF THE STOREFRONTS! Wow, so, so helpful! This would have come in handy last time I was stumbling around for the amazing lamb noodle soup place in 41-28 Main St Golden Shopping Mall, looking for a non-existent chef's hat sign. Just make sure you click on "View 2 Photos" buttons for each.

      Now, I'm wondering how many non-Chinese speakers will be wandering around the Golden Shopping mall this weekend...I am hoping that the vendors are ready for increased attention.

      Disagree that Dunlop neglected Chengdu Heaven -- I think there's a good 3-4 paragraphs devoted to it in her Serious Eats trip. Though I suppose they probably shouldn't have saved it for last. That's the trouble with having a finite amount of stomach space!

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      1. re: kathryn

        Yeah, pretty much. She seemed very enthusiastic, but they completely neglected the really hearty main course sort of menu in favor of other things. I love the dishes that they ordered, but she would've been wowed by the other menu. I find it hilarious, btw, that Sichuan food in London of the same or lower (usually much lower) quality than Chengdu Heaven would run around 80 dollars for two with smaller portions.

      2. hey this is a good thing, more business = don't go out of business....although i doubt many people from the city are going to trek out to flushing as they're already intimidated by chinatown, which really isn't very intimidating unless you're way into the Fujian area

        ive been or heard of almost every place, except this place on Union St called Yipin Chinee Cuisine...those sesame noodles look awesome...anyone ever been?

        Also, anyone ever tried Happy Beef Noodle? ive been meaning to for a long time, but it hasn't been top of my list, so i havent gone there yet. ive been looking for a good beef noodle place for a long time, the fujian / lanzhou places in the city get the noodles right, but no one can get the broth and the beef right

        Oh one more thing, the korean-chinese dumpling place in the Flushing Mall, in the article, it quickly notes the lady was making naeng myun...anyone ever tried?

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        1. re: Lau

          The Yipin place looked interesting as well, particularly in that they source some of their own specialty ingredients.

          1. re: JFores

            Might I add that the noodle portion is HUGE. Could easily feed two people or one person three times. YumMMy.

          2. re: Lau

            I went to Yipin yesterday to get the sesame noodles ($5) and the thistle dumplings (12 for $4.50!!). Both were delicious. The noodles are handmade and are doused in red pepper sauce and the dumplings are great. I've never tried thistle dumplings, so I'm not sure what I should be tasting, but I gobbled half of them down. Both dishes taste like something that came out of a home kitchen. The dumplings were boiled (I'm not sure if you can ask for them fried), but they were great boiled and she gave me some vinegar and red pepper sauce to bring home.

            1. re: Cygne18

              thanks for the report, will get over the myself next week, and try it out.

            2. re: Lau

              I ate Happy Noodle everyday for one month last year. Their pickle vegetable (the ones you put on top of the noodle) is very good. Their soup base is delicious and very authentic Taiwanese but their noodle quality is iffy, very limp and over cooked. I now frequent the Taiwanese noodle stall in Flushing mall for beef noodle. Same delicious soup base but their noodle is more "al-dente".

              1. re: PaMa

                the hand pulled noodle place that is to the right of the main food court?

                1. re: Lau

                  I think pa ma is talking about Ay Chung, the Taiwanese chain. The hand-pulled noodle place to the right of the food court is not Taiwanese; I think it's another Lanzhou-styled place.

                  1. re: Xiao Yang

                    yeah i thought that place said something about lanzhou hand pulled noodles

                    is that ay chung a real branch or just using the name? those places specialize in those thin noodle ah zhong mian xian (its great if they make it right)

            3. The Times is dying. The home bound elderly can now find out about food in Flushing. I don't see how the map is interactive. While I like the PDF summation it should have been done with google maps so that a bicyclist could plan a route. Very old style journalism. They also should have had a comments area.

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              1. re: Geo8rge

                The map is interactive because you can click on the markers for the various restaurants and get a description of a dish the NYT decided to highlight (along with photos of the dish and an audio pronunciation of the dish's name). There's a comments area at

                  1. re: Geo8rge

                    The pdf map that bigjeff linked to is not interactive; it's the map you get when you click on the link under the second picture:


                    The area is compact and walkable, no need to bicycle.

                  2. Based on discussions here i've been to Chengdu Heaven 3 times , twice on a wednesday and last night on a tuesday, but each time the male chef has been absent and twice the woman could not make the "main" dishes, e.g. Ma Po Bean Curd. However, the cold dishes we had and the Mai La have been excellent.
                    Anyone else experience this? Suggestions?
                    Has anyone translated the menus at the other stalls in Golden Mall?

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                      1. re: cervisiam

                        yup-saw your earlier note-trying to get a gauge as whether he is more often not there then there;
                        last night we were told he was sick and Ma Po bean curd would only be available on friday