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Jul 29, 2008 08:34 PM

HK - What do you think of these restaurants?

Just wanted to seek other CHs' opinion on any of these HK restaurants which I'm planning to visit the next time I'm in town. Are they any good?

1. Aspasia, 39 Kimberley Road, Tsimshatsui

2. Craftsteak, 29 Elgin Street, Soho

3. Olive, 32 Elgin Street, Soho

4. The Pawn, 62 Johnston Road, Wanchai

5. Murray House, Stanley Plaza

6. OVOlogue, 6 Johnston Road, Wan Chai

7. Yin Yang, 18 Ship Street, Wan Chai

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  1. Hello my friend! My! another mouth-watering list!
    I dined at Aspasia about 6 months ago. Food was pretty good. Slightly modern but not as ultra modern as Amber. Believe the chef was German with 2 Michelin star under his belt?! Unsure whether he's still there though? Pretty nice hotel too!
    There was a very positive write up about 'The Pawn' in the Sing Tao daily news a few weeks ago. Some very interesting burger offerings including a crab meat one which looked very appealing.
    BTW, where did you get all these names from? Of the 7, I only heard of 3. Are they pretty new?

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    1. re: Charles Yu

      They are from the latest promotional brochures of HSBC Bank introducing new HK dining options.

    2. Been to Aspasia only once and it was a good meal. Think I have something like the veal milanese but unlike the normal ones where they pound the meat into a thin piece, these are more like nuggets. Remembered the dish as very good though. Haven't been back since it is quite out of the way (since I live on HK side).

      Nothing great in Murray House. I would give that a miss.

      Have not been to the others that you mentioned though I think there was a post about Yin Yang not too long ago on here.

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      1. re: HKTraveler

        That's it - with good recs from Charles & HKTraveler, Aspasia has to be top of my list formy next trip.

      2. Have been to Olive a few times and always thought they served reasonable Greek/ME fare for a reasonable price.

        Multiple visits to the Pawn - opened by my friends but I feel my opinion is relatively unbiased. Some very good and authentic Brit food here. Old blogposts here:

        Have been meaning to try Yin Yang, a private kitchen whose owner closed down her old place in Yuen Loong...apparently it is very good.

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        1. re: Peech

          How interesting - a restaurant located in a turn-of-the-century pawnshop in the middle of Wanchai, with trams trundling by outside. This is the quintessential "HK dining experience"!

        2. Hello klyeoh! Its me again!
          After reading Peech's recent posting on Da Domenica, where he gave the Scampi/Scampi pasta dish a big thumbs up. I came across an article yesterday in the 'Sing Tao Gourmet Guide' where the contributor gave equally high praise to the ' Linguine with Mediterranean sea red prawns and fried artichokes ' of Aspasia. ("A dish that would make him go back for more! ").
          If by chance you get served that dish during your upcoming meal at Aspasia, it would make an interesting comparison with DD's scampi pasta, which I remembered you tried during your cousin's birthday party. Fourseasons, with his love of seafood, will no doubt like to find out if there is a serious competitor to his beloved DD's scampi pasta too?!
          BTW, the Sing Tao article also mentioned that Chef Roland Schuller was actually a Michelin three star chef!
          Another dish that also received high praise was a 'highly condensed tomato consomme with Italian Langoustine topped with a layer of minced lobster foam'.
          Lastly, to help you maintain a healthy heart, I won't provide you with detail of their stunning Green apple/Foie Gras two ways so that you won't be tempted! Ha!

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          1. re: Charles Yu

            Thanks, Charles. Do look forward to meeting you if there's another Chowhound meet in HK or Singapore soon. BTW, there are a few good Italian restaurants which opened in Singapore recently: Otto, Forlino's and Basilico, all with very good chefs. But I guess that'll have to be on another thread.

          2. hope this isn't too late...

            aspasia has to be the most underrated restaurant in HK (apart from the appreciative hounds here) - hardly anybody talks about it, because it's a high-end restaurant "on the dark side" (ie kowloon) and that fuschia paint in the dining room is truly appaling, but the food is excellent. modern but not OTT frilly.

            olive opened years back under the executive direction of greg malouf, an australian (a melburnian to be precise) who had an ok middle eastern restaurant called momo. apparently mr malouf flies in a couple of times a year. a newer restaurant at elements called malouf is now also under his direction - and the food there is quite good. very reliable, if not highly westernised middle eastern cuisine.

            the pawn is very unique - very generation-x hong kong - trad meets new. food is brit gastropubby, so don't expect fine dining. it's split over 2 floors - 1/f is the pub - fish and chips, bangers and mash etc. - scotch egg there is good; 2/f is the restaurant, but as mentioned, food isn't fine, it's tasty though. the roast bone marrow is good.

            murray house i believe has a series of restaurants? as far as i know, none of them are worth going to.

            ovologue is right below the pawn. haven't been, but reports have been mixed. it's trad canto with a modern twist. opened by the furniture retailer ovo, so decor is bound to be nice.

            yin yang - i mentioned in another thread earlier that this is the new resto by margaret xu of cuisine x, a private kitchen in yuen long. she grows some of her own veg and herbs. dinners there are extremely difficult to book, and it's by set menu only. some photos and comments here:

            (haven't heard anything about craftsteak, but i generally stay away from soho if i want good food!)

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            1. re: e_ting

              No, you're not too late, e_ting - I'm stopping over in HK in mid-Sep enroute back to Singapore from San Francisco.

              I like Greg Malouf's cooking - his Melbourne restaurant, Momo, was fabulous, and I owned 2 of his cookbooks (which he co-wrote with his ex-wife Lucy): Arabesque and Saha. Must try his Olive restaurant this time.

              Thanks for all the inputs, fellow CHs!