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Jul 29, 2008 08:19 PM

Seattle: Italian? Seafood? With specific requests.

Here's the deal. My husband and I, along with my parents, are headed to Seattle this weekend to attend an art exhibition that my father has a piece in. We will be staying at the Mayflower Park downtown and I have taken on the responsibility of finding the restaurants where we will be eating. We will also be meeting my brother-in-law and his wife (both are vegetarians) for an early dinner on Saturday.

I want to take my father to a great seafood place, since that is what he most excited about regarding the trip, but because of the vegetarians we'd rather go for lunch on Saturday before we meet up with them. I'm having a hard time finding a well-reviewed restaurant that serves lunch on the weekends. It doesn't really matter where it is, as we will have a rental car.

For Saturday night dinner I'm thinking that an Italian place would be the best way to accommodate everyone but I need a place close to downtown, open for an early dinner, mid-range (~$20-30/person), and good for a group of 6. From reading some threads, I'm considering The Pink Door, La Fontana Siciliana, or La Vita E Bella.

I am not set on Italian and if anyone has any other ideas, I would be very appreciative.

Thanks in advance.

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    1. It's probably not close enough to downtown for you, but 10-15 minutes from downtown lies La Rustica in West Seattle. It's a small, friendly, authentic-feeling Italian place that serves great food and sits in a fun location (neighborhood street corner on Beach Drive). The patio is a great place to sit in the summer.

      We've taken people from out of town there and they've loved it. Also sat next to a couple of Sonics players there once.

      1. almost every good restaurant in Seattle has both vegetarian and seafood entrees .. I would try places like Boat Street Cafe, Matt's, Tilth .. you should have no problem accomodating the seafood and veggie needs + you'll have great food too .. I think that both Matt's and Boat Street may serve on Saturday at lunch time. Saturday is a busy day in the Market area so you should have no problem finding places that are open.. if Matt's or Boat Street don't work for you... Etta's comes to mind immediately and Tom Douglas restaurants serve great crab cakes and the salmon is pretty yummy too.

        The Pink Door has had mixed reviews but I've heard good things about the new chef, if the weathers nice maybe try your saturday lunch there & sit on the roof deck.

        1. Matt's in the Market for your saturday seafood lunch. No question about it.

          Of the three for dinner I'd pick the Pink Door. I haven't been since they've changed chefs, so this is kind of an uninformed opinion, but I liked the chef at his last restaurant. Plus, the deck is just such a nice place to be (make a reservation for outside).

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            Last time I looked, Matt offered an eggplant sandwich, which I alternated with the stupendous tuna san...

          2. you might also add Barolo to your list of Italian. if you go early (they open at 4pm) and sit in the bar/lounge area, you can eat within your budget through a combination of bar menu (at 1/2 price during happy hour) and regular menu