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Jul 29, 2008 07:56 PM

BLUEBERRIES: Is it my imagination??

are the commercially raised ones sold in supermarkets today much bigger in size but also with minimal flavor??

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  1. MarkG, clearly a person who understands the importance of fruit!

    No it is not your imagination. The steroid era blueberries are essentially flavourless.

    Fortunately, I live in an area with access to wonderful wild blueberries. I gorge on them in August, then freeze a bunch to eat throughout the rest of the year. Worth the freezer space!

    1. I agree, must be the steriods in the blueberries! Same with California Strawberries (sorry to the people in Ca) the California Strawberries are big but devoid of flavor (well, at least the ones we get here on Long Island) The smaller LI strawberries are bursting with flavor, same with the wild or cultivated blueberries we get here.

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        Buy your produce locally for best quality, wherever you live. Local strawberry growers in CA that I frequent sell a great product bursting with flavor. The mass market strawbs and other perishable produce grown for consumers across the continent will be inferior for the most part. Imagine what ripe LI fruit would look like shipped to supermarkets in CA.

        1. re: imhungryletseat

          No need to apologize. Any produce that's shipped long distances has to be bred for durability first; it's also usually picked green so that it becomes "ripe" when it hits its destination. Supermarkets also tend to market fruit based on appearance. Taste, alas, often comes a distant third. This is true even in California, where much of the produce is locally produced. I made the mistake of buying some "local," "organic" blueberries at the supermarket yesterday. Blech. But the berries we've been buying at the farmer's market (especially the raspberries and blackberries) have been amazing.

        2. I am turning blue from so many blueberries!!!

          Living in Oregon we have a great local farmers market with great berries of all kinds. Several of the vendors specialize in Oregon Blueberries. Many of the larger varieties while they look great do not have as intense flavor. The smaller ones usually have better flavor, every vendor I buy from will say the same thing.

          Season got a little late start due to cooler weather but berries are everywhere now.

          1. *sigh* It's the story with all fruits and veggies, industrially produced.

            Try a peach lately? They're disgusting. They don't even ripen if you leave them on the windowsill. Just turn overly sweet and mushy. Yuck.

            1. Trader Joe's carries large ones and small ones. The small ones are wild.

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              1. re: lgss

                We have large, real ones in Michigan at my farmer's market, and they taste like real blueberries. We also have real peaches, and they taste fantastic.

                Some of the tastelessness stems from the fact that some fruit is picked and chilled before it is shipped. It prolongs the life, but robs fruit of its flavor. That's another reason to look for local produce whenever possible.

                1. re: brendastarlet

                  Hi Brenda
                  Where in Michigan do you live? None of the farmer's markets around here (Plymouth/Canton) that I have visited have peaches worth a darn.

                  1. re: SonyBob

                    The Ann Arbor Farmer's Market had beautiful peaches this a.m. This is the early crop, but they were very flavorful. Also check out the Produce Station on South State Street.

                    1. re: brendastarlet

                      I'm finding good peaches at Royal Oak farmers market too.