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Jul 29, 2008 07:36 PM

jean talon market

my SO and i are coming to montreal this weekend. we usually end our montreal trips with a thorough shop at jean talon market but this time we're leaving on monday rather than a weekend. is the market open on mondays? do all the usual vendors show up? we're staying at a private house so will have access to a fridge - if monday is not a good market day then we'd rather go on sunday and just store all the goodies for a day.

also, we'd like to visit jolifou again - we loved it a year ago, but it was very very slow on the weekday we went. we'd like to experience it when it's livelier - is saturday best in terms of atmosphere?

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  1. > is the market open on mondays?

    Yep! 7 am - 6 pm according to the Web site

    > do all the usual vendors show up?

    Fewer vendors show up, I haven't been that often during the week, but last time I was there on a Monday it seemed like there were something like 15-20% fewer vendors, maybe? If you're planning to buy produce, I'd definitely go on a Monday so you can take home as fresh stuff as possible.

    No idea on Jolifou, I'll let someone else chime in.

    Have a great trip!

    1. Jolifou is usually quite busy on friday and saturday.

      1. Re: JTM on a monday

        It hasn't been so bad these last few weeks on a weekday. Quite a few of the vendors are there, and the selection has been very good. I like going on a weekday, I find the weekends can be quite hectic. I would base my decision of when to go on what I want to buy. If you plan to buy a bunch of cheeses and the like, then Sunday will be fine. But the local crop of raspberries is fragile, and if you want to travel with them, you'd be better off going on the Monday and closer to the time of travel.

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        1. Yeah, JTM on Sat/Sun is crazy. I went yesterday afternoon, and it was excellent. You can actually stand in one place without getting bumped by the thousands of other shoppers.

          1. Hi everyone,
            Toronto hound planning a trip to Montreal.
            I am assuming Kasia was inquiring about a normal monday, but I am curious if anyone has any information on a holiday monday? (Victoria day Monday May 21)
            Does anyone recall what the market looks like (if all vendors will be there) on a holiday monday, or if its even open? Thanks in advance.

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            1. re: hungryabbey

              According to the Public Markets in a Facebook post, all public markets are open every day of the year.

              "Les marchés publics de Montréal (Jean-Talon, Atwater, Maisonneuve et de Lachine) sont ouvert tous les jours de l'année. "

              Not sure how many vendors are usually there on a holiday Monday in May... hopefully someone else has some idea.

              1. re: hungryabbey

                The market is never closed except on Christmas and New Year day. Some vendors are only there Saturday and Sunday, but most will be there.

                1. re: Glaff

                  Weird, eh? I found a few-year-old sked in their newsletter that says they're open 361 days of the year (Xmas, Boxing Day, New Year's Day & Jan. 2 are listed) so I wonder if the Facebook rep was misinformed, then...


                2. re: hungryabbey

                  I have gone to MJT several times on public holidays and like kpzoo mentions, the market will be open, but there will be less vendors. The vendors in the central isles will be mostly there, but fewer of the vendors on the sides will show up.

                  1. re: hala

                    Are those "side vendors" something to be missed, in general? Will I be disappointed if I go on the monday vs the sunday?

                    1. re: hungryabbey

                      Well, it depends.Do you like MJT in the winter? I personally enjoy my trip despite the absence of many vendors.

                      The vendors in the central isle are the ones that are there year round. They have a lot of interesting stuff, and are certainly worth a visit for me. People in the side Isles tend to be the ones selling seasonal items. So, the organic corn vendor might not be there, but you will find corn at many many other places.

                      Another thing to keep in mind is that there will be less customers, so, the atmosphere will be a bit less festive.

                        1. re: hungryabbey

                          Don't forget that end of May is still early for local produce, at that time you will still have a lot of vendors selling seedlings. Some asparagus, lettuce, fiddleheads from a seasonal local perspective is pretty much all you'll see. Lobster, crab legs too.

                          I would do a search on Jean Talon market , there are individual threads for the past couple of years. It may help on figuring out what's going on long weekend Mondays.

                      1. re: hungryabbey

                        Please report back, I'm curious about what is open in regards of prepared food.

                        I've never been to the market on a monday, I usually go on saturday or sunday.

                        1. re: Maximilien

                          we should have a daily report website on jean talon market

                          1. re: Maximilien

                            When it comes to prepared food, on a regular Monday you will usually find most of what you'd see on a weekend, especially if it's normally sold out of a storefront (sausages from Balkani, calamari from Aqua Mare, rotisserie chicken from Volailles et Gibiers, etc.). Maybe not the fried seafood at Délices de la mer/Atkins, but I know I've seen that on weekdays too, just not sure if it was ever a Monday.

                            For seasonal items: when corn is in season, you will find boiled corn on the cob 7 days a week. But in maple season, the short-term specialist stalls usually operate only on weekends. However, it's possible to find syrup 7 days a week from various other vendors.

                            Normally I would expect a holiday Monday to be busier than a regular Monday, with more customers and more sellers, but a few vendors may take the day off.

                            1. re: Mr F

                              Thank you so much, very helpful!