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Jul 29, 2008 07:16 PM

ISO first birthday cake recipe

So my son's first birthday is next month, and I'm looking for a good cake recipe. Yes, its his birthday party, but the guests will be mostly adults. I'm looking for some sort of compromise to please both adults and children. No meringue, no peanuts, no honey, and I'm not sure how well anything too lemony-tart will go down with him... Any suggestions would be great!

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  1. How about a white cake with a whipped cream frosting (you can dye it blue if you want).
    Put a layer in between with some frosting and add some fresh fruit if you so desire as well. I made the JOC White Cake recipe for my daughter's 3rd birthday cake and it was delicious, very moist and all of the adults loved it.

    I made the whipped cream frosting from King Arthur cookbook (stabilized with merignue powder), dyed it pink and added sliced strawberries to the middle layer.

    I'll probably do the same for my son's first birthday cake in September, but dye his blue [much to my daughter's chagrin, who is convinced that he should have a pink cake too ;-) ].

    It makes a lot of batter, so you should have enough to make a small smash cake for him if you so desire, plus enough for an adult cake too.

    You could also do carrot cake with cream cheese frosting, but I have to have walnuts in my carrot cake, which of course wouldn't be good for baby.

    1. What about a banana cake w/ cream cheese frosting? This Elvis cake is great (just the cake since the frosting has pb). You can omit the chips but I like them w/ the banana. Both adults and children have loved this cake when I make it.

      1. We're having my son's first b-day in a couple of weeks so this has also been on my mind. We're doing a fairly grown up party (fried chicken, beer, cake, natch) so I too wanted something with a wide appeal. Initially I had been thinking of making the Cake Bible's Downy Yellow Cake with the chocolate frosting recipe on the back of the Hershey's Dark Cocoa container (it's awesome). But both of these suggestions sound good-- I might steal the blue whipped cream idea and maybe add blueberries? Frosting is such a drag in the summer (too heavy, melty). I think a yellow (or white) cake with frosting or whipped cream is such a classic that you can't go wrong. The only problem I see with a carrot or banana cake (though I've also wanted to make that Elvis cake for a while-- looks sooo yummy!) is that if you're only having one cake some folks might not be into it.

        It's funny, too, how many of my friends have tried to make "healthy" cakes for their kids' first birthdays. It's cake, people!