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Jul 29, 2008 07:11 PM

Just bought a pizza stone and I have fresh basil...

Would love a great recipe for dough that does well on a stone. Thanks in advance!

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  1. I've never heard of a pizza dough that didn't do well on a stone. Just follow the manufacturers instructions on preparing the stone for the oven (if any special care is required) and grab something from this library that appeals to you:

    1. I am lazy. I get it by the bag at Trader Joe's. Used to be a buck a bag. Just let it rise and then make your crust, ez!!!

      1. We don't have TJ's, which apparently has the only edible store-bought pizza dough, so we make our own and it works well on a stone.

        2 - 2 1/2 c flour (can use up to 1c whole wheat flour)
        1 packet rapid-rise yeast (or 2t active yeast, proofed if necessary)
        1T sugar
        2-3 t kosher salt
        1c warm water (can replace 1/2c water with lager beer - really good!)
        2T olive oil

        Put all ingredients in standing mixer and stir to blend. Knead with dough hook attachment ~10 minutes, checking occasionally to adjust flour amount (it always takes more flour in the humid conditions of summer). When finished, form into a ball, drizzle with a little OOil, place in bowl, cover with plastic wrap. Let rise ~1hr. Punch down. Let rise ~25 minutes (you can actually skip the 2nd rise if you want...we do when we're in a rush). Punch down, stretch out. We form it on a parchment-lined wooden chopping block sprinkled with cornmeal, because we don't have a paddle. Then we top it, and just slide it onto our stone. Bake at 400 for 10-12 minutes.

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          Sounds great. Much appreciated. Love the beer idea!

        2. Any basic Italian bread dough will make a good pizza. Flour, water, yeast, salt, maybe some oil. You will have to experiment to see if you prefer a fluffier one, or a thin crust. Be sure to heat the stone well before you put the pizza on it. If you don't have a peel you can do the parchment as described, or, I use a cookie sheet that has no edges. I dust it with polenta (they act as little wheels, put the dough on top, top it with whatever and then slide it onto the very hot stone. It may be finished in 12 minutes, check to see.

          1. beggsy, congratulations on the stone... I just also bought a stone and posted for advice, follow the link for other's thoughts . One thing I have learned via research is that the stone should be placed in a cold oven, then preheated with the oven, otherwise the difference in temperature from room temperature to the oven will cause it to break! Good luck and I'll be following your thread for more ideas!