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The Best Steak Tartare in Paris? - once and for all

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I will be travelling to Paris with my gal - both avid steak tartare fans - can real tartare connaisseurs please present their picks!

I am preferrably looking for something casual at lunch.

Is 'Bar Des Theatres' worth the visit?

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  1. Here's a thread from back in October 2007 - GREAT STEAK TARTARE IN PARIS? posted by Deenso. Scroll to the bottom to take a look at a video I posted.


    Last October, I went to lunch at Bar des Theatres on avenue Montaigne - I'm sorry to say, I didn't like the steak tartare that much - wasn't awful, just wasn't very good.

    One evening, I had tartare at Ma Bourgogne, across the street from place des Vosges. Going west it's where Francs-Bourgeois meets rue du Pas de la Mule - before you reach the square. Excellent.

    Other times, I had truly delicious tartare at La Coupole.

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      La Rotonde, Blvd. Montparnasse, M° Vavin. The good thing about it, they will serve you a tartare in the middle of the afternoon, if you like.

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        We enjoyed the tartare at La Rotonde as well. Good oysters too.

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          My ideal meal -- beef and oysters. And a peche melba in the end. La Rotonde is excellent.

          Now that I think of it, another address for Tartare is le Sévero.

    2. Brasserie Balzar's steak tartare is quite good; and you get to see it prepared at the chef station in the center of the room.

      1. From a real "Parisien"

        Le Select
        99 Boulevard du Montparnasse

        La closerie des Lilas
        171, boulevard du Montparnasse,

        Bar des Théatres is expensive and declining

        1. au pied de cochon at les halles

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            Au Pied de Cochon makes one helluva salmon tartare.

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              Another vorte for au pied du cochon - it's been our family favourite for years.