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Jul 29, 2008 06:57 PM

Combermere/Barry's Bay Area

I will be up this way on Saturday. Any recs for someplace for lunch? Going to the Farmer's Market so looking forward to some good local produce.

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  1. Having travelled this area for 20 years there are few recommendations. Combermere really has just a convenience store. If you are there though you must not miss Madonna House and their second hand store and pioneer museum. Continuing to Barrys Bay-their farmers market is on Friday and open from 3-7. I have not had the best of luck there although some great pies, tarts, jams and crafts. Barrys Bay does not have a great restaurant presence but there are a couple of places that I have not tried but through word of mouth have heard good things "Ashgrove Inn" and "Spectacle Lake Lodge" What I would suggest is that you continue through Barrys Bay to Wilno. The Wilno Tavern has fabulous perogies and cabbage rolls. They make their own mustard as well and I always pick up a couple of jars to take home! Wilno was the first polish settlement in Ontario so the food is made locally and is great. There are also several art galleries in the area so it makes for a nice outing either before or after lunch. You should make reservations though as it gets quite busy depending on the day. Enjoy!

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      Thanks for your helpful reply, will check these out.

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        I second Wilno Tavern - we had an excellent lunch there last summer!

      2. I'm so happy to see this thread! We will be up in that area soon. Madonna House is definitely worth a visit - FYI it's closed Sundays. My favourite restaurant in Wilno is The Station House (I think it may be called the Red Canoe Lounge now, but I could have that wrong), which is a bit pricer than the Wilno Tavern but excellent. If the weather is nice, their outdoor patio out back has a lovely view. Further east, the Golden Sands in Deacon has been revamped by new management and the food is supposed to be very good.

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          Thanks for this rec voracious. I'll check it out. It would be lovely to be able to sit outside but with all the rain we are having that is a rarity. Do you know anything about the Combermere Farmer's Market? I have myself all psyched up that I am going to come back laden with fresh fruits and veg. so I hope I am not disappointed.

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            I second the Golden Sands. We were there for dinner last week & the food was excellent.

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              Thanks, that's good to hear. I'm sorry, MargieEv, I've never been to the Combermere market. Some of the links say it's Saturdays from 8-12, while others say it's open Mondays and Tuesdays as well:
              Please report back if you go ... I hope the weather is fine for you.

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                Will be sure to post how the market is. Called Wilno tavern to ask if we needed a reservation. "You better..Wilno is going to be hopping on the w/e" Turns out it is the Annual Polish Festival. Now this will be fun!
                Given how spotty the weather is can only hope for the best.

                1. re: MargieEv

                  Had a great day touring around. The Combermere market didn't have much but then it is a little early in the season. Did get a great chelsea bun. Wilno was hopping with the festival. Burgers at the Wilno Tavern were great and brought home some perogies and cabbage rolls. Had them for dinner and they were very good. Weather was sun and rain Thanks everyone for your recs.