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Jul 29, 2008 06:48 PM

Hendricks Farms Wins Another ACS Medal

Last week, our favorite local cheesemaker won another American Cheese Society award; a third place for the Keystone Classic (Farmstead Division).

If you've never visited this almost-suburban farm you're in for a treat; they also sell raw milk, grassfed beef and the best chicken and bacon you've ever eaten.

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  1. I want to love Hendrick's Farms so much. I took a trip out there - the place is immaculate. Very welcoming and great to walk around. The owner seems very proud of his work, if a little cold. My problem? I find the cheeses they make very pedestrian, boring in flavor and overly salty. I was hoping for something with more personality than a young cheddar, a cheddar/blue, telford tomme and swiss.

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      I am a huge fan of Hendrick's cheeses, Just a suggestion. Check out their Grass Stains and Cow Pie. They have great personality, a little more body and depth than the other selections. The Grass Stains is coated in fresh herbs and the Cow pie is a softer cheese which has a terrific texture and great flavor.

      1. re: fanofood

        Personally, I prefer cheeses that don't need to be coated in herbs or spices to add flavor. I prefer the cheese has depth on its own.

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        Trent (the owner/cheesemaker) sends out a newsletter two or three times a month. In announcing the win, I quote:

        "We continue to work on developing our cheeses to best represent our goals, restored soils that produce life sustaining, nutrient dense foods. The fact that they are well received by the most discriminating judges in the world is actually not only a bonus, but commendation of our vision. Please come in and taste the dirt! Oops, I mean Terroir. "

        While the primary business of the farm remains milk and cheese, it is more than just a way to make money for this family; it is an extension of their homesteading plan. There are many more cheeses than you seem to think; anyone who looks at the website can find them. And I had never seen a cheddar blue before I tried some at the farm.

        His newsletter is pretty entertaining; anyone who wants to sign up can go to

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          I actually went through their website, as well as tasted them in person at their farm before giving my opinion. I believe I have now sampled most of their cheeses. I think the way they handle their business is wonderful. They have a beautiful farm. I just don't think their cheese has significant character.

          1. re: saturninus

            Well....I guess the ACS judges disagree :)

            1. re: semmen

              The _can_ produce cheeses with character that are worth the prices they ask. Sometimes they achieve that goal, sometimes they fall short.

              I'm more of a goat cheese lover, so their scaling the goat cheese offering down to none has affected the frequency of my visits negatively.

              I also want to like what they're doing... but sometimes it is tough when they're getting out of the stuff I'm into, and getting into stuff that I'm not all that excited about.

      3. They were at headhouse farmers market last year, but no more

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          I think that they have a lot more cheeses than were available when you went there. The others are really worth it, but I like all of the cheese. I think that the Robo-Milker was responsible for a lot of the loss in character of the cheese, but now that they are milking traditionally again, you might want to try it again. You almost have to stop by early to get a better selection, but they can let you know when they have the cow pie or grass stains. Both are very tasty. I absolutely love the cured meats and sausages that they are making now, and can't wait until some of the pigs start showing up. On a side note, they have several legs of lamb and hams curing now that should be very interesting to try in finished form.