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Jul 29, 2008 06:44 PM

Toronto Hounds spending a week in Ottawa

Hi All,

My wife and I are spending a week in Ottawa in September. Any suggestions? We are open to all food types and ranges. We are thinking at least one high end dinner, but we are flexible.

Thanks in advance.

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    is a good basis for your search for Ottawa chow. However, it doesn't encompass the entire range of places in Ottawa. In addition to those places I enjoy The French Baker on Murray Street (as well as a gelato place on the same street) for good pastries (and an excellent Chocolatine that I still remember fondly). There are also a number of interesting restaurants/food shops on the Richmond Rd. stretch centered around Churchill and further east.

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      Definitely second the French Baker. Fantastic croissants.

      Lots of good Thai options in Ottawa, too... Royal Thai in the market (Dalhousie at Murray) is very hearty fare. It lacks the subtlety of many other Thai restaurants but I really enjoy it as this isn't something I've ever seen done at other restaurants, at least with amy kind of quality. Sweet Basil, down on Bank street at Huron, is out of this world.

      Don't miss the things that Ottawa does very well as a whole, either, like shawarma, which you must try. I've also had great Indian in Ottawa at Taj of India or New Nupur, both on Bank street.

      Check out for more tips. The people there are great.

    2. Have seen lots of raves for Beckta, high end destination eating. Got addicted to Scone Witch last summer. And wanted to try Sweetgrass but ran out of time.

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        Sweetgrass in the market is very good, as is Domus (also in the market).

        The Wellington GastroPub just a bit west of downtown Ottawa is totally worth the trip out there. It is about 15-20 minutes from downtown on public transit, less in a cab.

        1. re: elizabethmaitland

          A second for Domus. Go there for bunch if you can, you won't be disappointed!

      2. my mum and i spent a weekend in ottawa in june to attend a japanese cooking course at the cordon bleu (which was only ok, i prefer calphalon here.) we LOVED our experience at beckta. the service was excellent and the food was delicious. we did the tasting menu and i would definitely reco it. we also had dinner at domus based on reco's from this board and the chef winning various awards. it was very nice, but beckta was a hard act to follow. we had brunch at benny's bistro and it was really, really good. (i had the Triple cream brie stuffed french toast with a roasted rhubarb, strawberry & vanilla bean compote $ mom had the Savoury marscapone and chèvre cheesecake with organic baby greens,
        scallions, toasted almonds, strawberry and white balsamic vinaigrette $13)

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        1. re: foodismyhobby

          Oh, DAYUMN. After just the description of your dish at Benny's Bistro, I know the first place I'll be checking out when I move to Ottawa at the end of next month.

          1. re: vorpal

            yeah, it's in the back of the french baker (which, to your point, has excellent croissants)

        2. domus is without a doubt the best meal I have had in ottawa, actually one of the best meals I have had all year.

          1. I had an excellent meal at the Sweet Grass Bistro last week. The Tatonka (Buffalo) ribeye was outstanding.

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              there is a chain called "the works" - with amazing choices of toppings for your hamburgers!! I wish that chain would come to Toronto..grrr...
              p.s. expect to stand in is a popular restaurant.
              But its worth the wait!!