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Jul 29, 2008 05:53 PM

Inn Restaurants in PEI and NB

I'm planning a very small wedding--under 20 people--and want to have it at an inn by the ocean. The focus of the day is meant to be a great dinner party for our families with interesting, creative food using local ingredients. We would prefer a seaside locale in PEI or NB, but would also consider Nova Scotia, although this is likely to be further away and guests would have to travel further. We are trying to be green.

From the research I've done, I've come up with this list:

Inn at Bay Fortune--PEI
Dalvay by the Sea--PEI
Liittle Shemogue Country Inn--NB
Rossmount Inn--St. Andrews, NB
Algonquin Hotel--St. Andrews, NB (not really an inn, but a relative recently said the food was excellent. I had brunch there once but I don't remember the food).

I would appreciate any comments about these places, or suggestions for others to try out. On Chowhound, I've seen a few positive comments about Rossmount Inn and Inn at Bay Fortune (a few, not because there are negative comments but because the Maritimes doesn't really loom large in the world of Chowhound) . I saw one positive mention of the Little Shemogue Country Inn, which might be my first choice, and wonder if anyone else has eaten there. The plan is to eat around before making a commitment, but we don't have the funds for too many fine dinners, so guidance is appreciated.

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  1. Hi!

    I'm originally from Saint John and I had my wedding at the Algonquin in 2005. I have nothing but the highest praise for everyone who was involved at the hotel. It was a destination wedding (all 75 of our guests were coming from out of town) and the entire weekend went off without a hitch. We had a seafood dinner for our reception that was fantastic and I still have people mention to me how much they enjoyed the food. We also had our rehearsal dinner there the night before and then everyone went to the pub downstairs. I have nothing negative to say - it was a wonderful experience.

    While we didn't have our wedding there, I have been to The Rossmount Inn and thought it was excellent - it's definitely one of the top restaurants in N.B. Apparently the co-chef was married there and featured on the tv show 'I Do, Let's Eat' so I'm sure it would also be a great choice.

    I'm afraid I haven't been to any of the other places you mention so I can't really comment. Best of luck with everything and I hope you find something that works for you!

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      The Rossmount Inn has a wonderful staircase that you could walk down, as well as the best food in NB....And if everyone was staying there, you'd probably have it to yourselves...The Inn part at least. The food there is spectacular!
      I am not a fan of the Algonquin. Period. It is a "big" hotel disguised as a quaint inn. Any meal I have had there seemed mass produced and blah. I attended a wedding there in 2006, and it (while it was a beautiful wedding, because of the people) wasn't great...the service sucked.
      I have ben to weddings at Dlavay, and can vouch for how wonderful they have been...There is also a huge staircase that descends into the foyer that you could use in the wedding...It's a beautiful property, and the food is good!
      We were married 10 years ago and were supposed to stay at the Inn at Bay Fortune, but the Inn messed up our reservations, so we were forced to travel back to Ch'town to find a room...and they had the nerve to call us and ask if we'd still be coming for our dinner reservations...I asked to speak to the manager, was told he was out and that he'd call-he never did. And we've never been back, so I can't speak to anything but the beauty of the property.
      There is one more place in PEI, the Inn at Spry Point...Look at their website. It's owned by the same people as IaBF, but it doesn't seem to get the same billing, so they might be more agreeable and helpful for a wedding...
      Good luck, and keep us posted on the search!

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        Spry Point is a wonderful setting, and probably would have good food.
        Dalvay is also terrific, definitely nicer than IaBF.

      1. I'm at a corporate event at the Algonquin this week. They put on a lobster boil for us and it was excellent. Great lobster, of course, but a nice selection of other things and some really great pies for among the desserts. I also had a meal in the restaurant today (pasta with scallops and bacon) which was quite good. The staff and service throughout the resort are very good as well, so I'd say it's a good bet.

        1. We're getting married at the Rossmount Inn in Sept. The chef and food he makes there is to die for. I also love that it's a much more intimate setting than the Algonquin - but probably easier on your wallet.

          Go try dinner there. As someone who lives in Alberta, I've eaten there four times and have had our expectations exceeded each time.

          1. I thought I should report on what we decided. Thanks for the tips. We had the wedding at the Rossmount Inn. It turned out to be more than 20 people, but everything was perfect. The food was delicious. We let everyone order from the menu, and all of our guests enjoyed their dinner. The appetizers for the cocktail hour directly after the ceremony were tasty and unique, and the strawberry cake the baker made for us for a wedding cake was wonderful. We couldn't have asked for more--except perhaps for sun.
            On the honeymoon, we went to the Inn at Bay Fortune and Dalvay by the Sea to eat, and the food at the Rossmount Inn was better than both. We were at Dalvay by the Sea for lunch and it wasn't that remarkable, although the National Park beach across the highway is stunning. Inn at Bay Fortune was very good, but I think more expensive than the Rossmount.

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              I think you made a good choice. I recently arranged a 40th anniversary dinner for my parents at the Rossmount and they said it was outstanding. Congratulations on your wedding!