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Jul 29, 2008 05:43 PM

Lemeac favorites?

So Lemeac is clearly a favorite on this board. Are there specific dishes that are especially well executed? What should not be missed when dining there?

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  1. Braised short ribs, foie gras app, and for dessert, the grilled pineapple. Oh yeah, the pain perdu is also incredibly delicious.

    I looooooooooove that place.

    1. I've only sampled the after 10pm and brunch menus, but I'll agree about the short rib and add to that the boudin and the herb crusted calf liver.

      1. If you like steak tartare, they make a pretty good version there. Somewhat chunky, but not fleshy. My partner also liked his duck confit, and believe me this is a dish he orders 99 percent of the time we go out for "French". He has become quite the confit expert during the last year. If you like deep chocolate dishes, they have a manjari chocolate tart with ginger confit: pretty good.

        On the other hand, I wasn't a big fan of their escargot appetizer, so you can probably miss it. Bon appetit!

        1. second or third the short ribs (but this is more of a winter dish), the calf liver (if you like thick cut calf liver) and the steak tartare. This is on e of my favorite steak tartare ever. My only beef, the very thin shoestring fries. They are very hard to eat. You can delicately put them in your mouth one by one (sooo slow) or you can try to shove a bunch in your mouth and little bits break off at the corners of your mouth and fly everywhere, and you look sloppy. They taste good, but I haven't found an efficient way to eat them.

          Oh yes, the smoked salmon - made in house. Very tasty indeed.

          1. The salmon pot-au-feu and the cornish hen are my faves.

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              I saw a lot of people ordering the pot-au-feu. I personally really liked the scallops.. perfectly seared