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Lemeac favorites?

So Lemeac is clearly a favorite on this board. Are there specific dishes that are especially well executed? What should not be missed when dining there?

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  1. Braised short ribs, foie gras app, and for dessert, the grilled pineapple. Oh yeah, the pain perdu is also incredibly delicious.

    I looooooooooove that place.

    1. I've only sampled the after 10pm and brunch menus, but I'll agree about the short rib and add to that the boudin and the herb crusted calf liver.

      1. If you like steak tartare, they make a pretty good version there. Somewhat chunky, but not fleshy. My partner also liked his duck confit, and believe me this is a dish he orders 99 percent of the time we go out for "French". He has become quite the confit expert during the last year. If you like deep chocolate dishes, they have a manjari chocolate tart with ginger confit: pretty good.

        On the other hand, I wasn't a big fan of their escargot appetizer, so you can probably miss it. Bon appetit!

        1. second or third the short ribs (but this is more of a winter dish), the calf liver (if you like thick cut calf liver) and the steak tartare. This is on e of my favorite steak tartare ever. My only beef, the very thin shoestring fries. They are very hard to eat. You can delicately put them in your mouth one by one (sooo slow) or you can try to shove a bunch in your mouth and little bits break off at the corners of your mouth and fly everywhere, and you look sloppy. They taste good, but I haven't found an efficient way to eat them.

          Oh yes, the smoked salmon - made in house. Very tasty indeed.

          1. The salmon pot-au-feu and the cornish hen are my faves.

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              I saw a lot of people ordering the pot-au-feu. I personally really liked the scallops.. perfectly seared

            2. I have tried the after 10pm menu several times, and I really enjoyed the beef short ribs (with barley risotto) and the steak frites. As for appetizers, both the minestrone (with chorizo) and the croustillant de chevre chaud were great. My loved one craves their tartare de boeuf and always has a hard time not ordering it. I received "Richard Bastien, la cuisine du bistrot Leméac" (Les éditions de l'homme) as a birthday present and most of the restaurant's dishes are included; a great book, full of ideas, so many ways to impress guesses or just treat yourself...

              1. I've only been after ten o'clock or for brunch as well.


                • Croustillant de chèvre chaud aux pommes et aux noix (this is my favourite and I almost always order it.)
                • Tian de légumes au cheddar de lait cru


                • Pot au feu de saumon à la fleur de sel
                • "Short rib" de bœuf braisé, ragoût d’orge perlé


                • Ask what the dessert of the week is. I've had good luck with this. Once it was a chocolate trilogy with a molten chocolate cake, a bavaroise, and a tiny cup of hot chocolate. Delicious.


                • Oeuf au plat sur tartelette de pommes de terre, lardons et poireaux gratinée (chèvre ou emmenthal) - this dish is really really good.
                • the beignets are good as well

                1. The butternut squash soup is amazing!!! (not sure if it is just on the winter menu though)

                  1. It looks like your lucky dish is the short ribs. Me gotta try them sometime.

                    1. the chopped salad with grilled shrimp is what I always order at Leméac so I can have my PAIN PERDU for dessert , I do not like to share it.

                      someone gave me the book " La Cuisine bistro du Leméac", all their (richard bastien's) recipes are in it.

                      1. Thanks everybody! I am going next week. I was thinking of getting the foie gras appetizer but now I am reconsidering since it may be too much meat with the braised ribs (obviously I must have this after all the strong recs). I will peruse some more their online menu.

                        Edit: Has anyone tried the tarte au citron?

                        1. Three of us ate there last week and I found them not trying hard enough. They seemed to be going through the motions without sufficient effort. The minestrone was very good, as was the scallops, and the standout was the veggie appetizer - I cannot remeber the name - but it was zuchini wrapped around other veggies and was absolutrely delicous. The salmon pot au feu and braised short rib were both boring and not well executed. I think they should revamp their menu or poke the cooks a bit and remind them to make an effort.

                          1. I have only tried the 10pm menu and loved the smoked salmon, duck confit and steak and frites. But no matter what you have for dinner, please go for the pain perdu for dessert. Seriously, it's one of the best desserts I have ever had in a restaurant, and you can - I mean, supposedly - share it among four people.

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                              4 people???????????????????????????? OMG - my hubby was lucky that I gave him a forkful. THAT pain perdu is not meant to be shared... it's too good. Others who want should just order their own.


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                                Well, that's what I meant by "supposedly", hehehehehhehe! I mean, it's huge and you think you'll never going to be able to finish it by yourself, and then when you taste it it's so good that you don't want to share it anymore ;-)

                            2. In addition to the usual suspects on the 22h/$22 menu, I've had good luck with the specials, which have included braised lamb shank, a perfectly grilled veal chop and choucroute garnie (presumably unlikely to appear in the summer). [That's three different dishes on different occasions, btw.]

                              I have no idea what the specials will be when you go, but definitely check to see what they are. (Once I had a special + app billed as an after 10:00 $22 combo, but another time it was full price, so assume you're paying full price if you order a special after 10.)

                              For appetizers, the smoked salmon is a good choice and an excellent value after 10 p.m. The chevre chaud and tian de légumes are also very good, especially if you're about to indulge in something very meaty.

                              Assuming (and hoping) spankyhorowitz simply had the misfortune of hitting them on an off night, IMO it's pretty hard to go wrong at Leméac. I haven't been in about 6 months, FWIW.

                              1. I 've had the chevre chaud and steak frites, both good. Pain perdu is a must, I would go there just for that dessert and I'm not a dessert person.

                                1. I went today and was very pleased. I had my mind made up of what to eat after studying their menu and all the recs here but once there I did a 180. I had the smoked salmon which was excellent and the salade nicoise; I was lunching with some "dainty" ladies and I felt too piggyish to have the foie gras and beef tartare. Anyhoo, the nicoise was right on. I had the pain perdu and it was as advertised and I also had a bite of my friend's tarte au citron which was good but I am still hung up on that delectable one I had at the now defunct Area. Oh well...in any case, Lemeac was superb and I am looking forward to going back with heartier eaters so that I can indulge.

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                                    Can you describe the Nicoise? It didn't have any lettuce, did it?

                                    I wonder if you can order it for brunch. Or whether you are limited to the brunch menu.

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                                      3 slices of seared tuna, green beans, asparagus, strips of peppers +/- cucumbers, olives, small potatoes and a hard boiled egg. No lettuce. Don't know about availability at brunch.

                                  2. I've only been once for the after 22h special and i had the calmar appetizer which i really enjoyed. I had the hanger steak as well and found it to be very good (as this was my first time trying that particular cut of beef).