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Jul 29, 2008 05:41 PM

chinese restaurants with a banquet hall in the dfw area

Suggestions for nice Chinese restaurants with a banquet hall in the dfw area?

Or, suggestions of good Chinese and/or Korean restaurants that cater?

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  1. Zanders House off of Park and 75 in the Plano\Richardson area.....

    It has more of a Thai influence but it is an outstanding place to eat.

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      It is actually Vietnamese but still a good restaurant nonetheless.

    2. Last time I was at Kirin Court in Richardson they were having a wedding reception I think there was close to 200 people there. I would highly recommend their food! I believe Maxim's could also hold the same amount if not more. Food there is not quite as good as Kirin Court but still better than most.

      1. I've been to many wedding receptions at Maxim's in Richardson and enjoyed the food. (I have never eaten there outside of a banquet.)

        Caravelle is just down the street and the food is excellent. I go there quite often, but have not attended any banquets there.

        I've also heard Thanh Thanh Vietnamese in Arlington is a great spot for banquets, but have not been there.

        Zander's House in Plano is beautiful and the Vietnamese food there is outstanding.

        Maxim's Chinese Restaurant
        310 Terrace Dr, Richardson, TX 75081

        Caravelle Chinese & Vietnamese
        400 N Greenville Ave # 16, Richardson, TX

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          Sorry, left off the other 2 links:

          Zander's House
          2300 N Central Expy, Plano, TX

          Thanh-Thanh Vietnamese Restaurant
          2515 E Arkansas Ln, Arlington, TX 76010