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Jul 29, 2008 05:30 PM

Ame or Slanted Door?

I have reservations for Friday night at Ame. But now I'm wondering if Slanted Door is a better choice. Any suggestions?

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  1. It depends on what you are looking for -- they are both very different experiences.

    Personally I'd choose Ame because I think it is more unique.

    1. Amé's food is more refined as is the ambiance and service. Slanted Door has a better view and is more lively. Personally, I'd choose Amé, though it is likely to be more expensive. Have you looked at the on-line menus for each place?

      1. Ame's lovely but Slanted Door rocks. Eating at the bar at Slanted Door is a great experience but I don't love every table there. Ame's gorgeous inside but again, a few tables aren't desirable in my book. Both have great food though Slanted Door wins out for me because over and over again they deliver the same great stuff...whether that's spring rolls, ribs i live to chew on, or time tested reliables like claypot chicken or shaking the bartenders make perfect cocktails - EVERY TIME!

        1. Slanted Door is my stand-by. I've been there twice as much as any other fine dining establishment in SF. Ame is wonderful and a deffinite notch above in overall restaurant quality, I think -- but you have to be more adventurous, and price-wise, I only go to when someone else is paying. Thankfully, tomorrow night, someone else will be paying and I will be going, so I will report back! :-D

          1. Well, the point is moot. I called to see about reservations, and they were booked solid. Maybe lunch...