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Jul 29, 2008 05:03 PM

Soul Food in South Florida

Are there any soul food restaurants in dade or broward and if so which ones are good?

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    I believe Peoples in Overtown is considered sould food and bbq. Never been just passing on the info

    1. I visit South Miami about 2-3 times a year. I have not experienced a good soul food restautant. I know a great Jamaician restaurant. And a guy that sells the best ribs ever by the side of the road!!!

        1. Try Betty's in Fort Lauderdale, on Sistrunk Blvd. just west of I-95.

          I think a lot of people's tastes in Soul Food is fairly idiosyncratic, so what may appeal to one person may not to another. Still, I find Betty's fried chicken and pork dishes very good as is the cornbread. Good variety of desserts (including red velvet cake).

          1. Has anyone heard of Miss Lucy's or Mama Lucy's or Auut Lucy's? Something Lucy!!
            Heard they were good for soul food from a Miami native.

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              We really enjoy Mahogany Grill near the stadium.

              The Mahogany Grille. 2190 NW 183rd St. Miami Gardens, FL 33056. 305-626-8100



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                How are the chicken and waffles there?

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                Mama Lucy's Homestyle Cooking‎ is east of the Gratigny Parkway (#924) 2201 NW 119th Street, (305) 687-8782

                I like a place right near there called Goldie's Conch House‎ 11275 NW 27th Ave, (305) 953-8406‎ which is more Bahamian than American soul food.
                and also Chef Creole Seafood 200 NW 54th St in Little Haiti - (305) 754-2223


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                  I used to go to the original Goldie's in Nassau years ago. A true "conch shack" on the old harbour on Arawak Cay. Fried whole snapper and "scorch". Excellent. Goldie is a personable guy who sat and chatted with us a while. I have been to his conch house near MDCC- one of the girls working there was a child when I was last in Nassau but she remembered me as I was there often. I wish him success here in the States, I wish his place wasn't so far away!