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Jul 29, 2008 04:42 PM

Comfort Food - Westside/ SM

My mom is coming in from New Orleans, and I was looking for some reccomendations where to take her... breakfast, lunch, or dinner. She is not big on Mexican or Asian. I was looking for some home cooking/ comfort food type place. Good food, good flavors, not crazy expensive, but nice. Maybe seafood... Westside, SM area would be good.... thanks

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      1. re: New Trial

        Agreed. Nook rules. Excellent mac'n'cheese, fine burger, great service. Superior value -- food and experience beats many places costing twice as much or more. Now if they'd only put the shortribs and gravy back in place of the potroast with horseradish they replaced it with... And boy, I'd love to taste what their chef could do with a meatloaf entree.

      2. Clementine
        Snug Harbor
        Fritto Misto
        Laisy Daisy
        Malibu Seafood
        Matteo's Little Hoboken

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        1. re: foh

          Bay Cities Deli -- not just for the Godmother or other cold sandwiches, as good as they are. But also for the meatball sub, the eggplant or chicken parm, and the other choices from the hot side where there is never a wait.

        2. Thanks... All those sound great!