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Jul 29, 2008 04:29 PM

Looking for a great lunch between Columbia & Penn Station

We're heading up for a Dr. appt. at Columbia this week and will be having lunch before hopping back on the train. I know that's a pretty big area, but we'll be cabbing it, so it doesn't matter. Husband likes seafood and burgers and I'm a vegetarian- we both love good food and cozy atmosphere.

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  1. Telepan (on w. 69th and Columbus) has a decent, relatively inexpensive prix fixe lunch (2 courses - $22.00, 3 courses - $28.00) with options for you both -- though only one vegetarian entree.

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      Thanks! Good suggestion and one that I would never have found!

      1. re: pottermom

        Just wanted to mention that Telepan is participating in Restaurant Week, which might make getting a lunch reservation difficult.

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          That's a good point. If you can't get a reservation at Telepan, try the Modern Dining Room on W 52nd (one of the best prix fixe lunches in town for about $45), Milos around W 55th (the business set lunch is something like $39). Both the Modern Dining Room and MIlos are beautiful spaces to eat. Milos has some outdoor seating, though the airy dining room is much nicer this time of year, I think.

          Both restaurants have a good selection of vegetarian and seafood and burger options (lamb burger at Milos) -- but Milos has no vegetarian options listed as prix fixe.

          For something a little more low key, look into Nice Matin in the lower 70s.

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            Hi cimui, I think I just replied to you on another post. What kind of atmosphere are you looking for? I am vegan so I understand what you are up against as far as finding vegetarian options in some places. Gazala Place between 48th and 49th on 9th Avenue is tiny but has vegetarian and plenty for your husband to eat (Middle Eastern). You could also try Kyma on 46th and 8th Avenue (Greek). But, if you're looking for an atmospher like the Modern or Milos, unfortunately I can't help!