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Jul 29, 2008 04:27 PM

Jarred/bottled tzatziki sauce?

Is it possible to buy jarred/bottled tzatziki sauce? I've checked my local grocery store and TJ's and didn't see anything....but maybe I'm looking in the wrong aisle.


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  1. TJ's usually has their own with the prepared foods refrigerated stuff like hummus and salsas - in that general area. Sometimes they also have Fage brand there too. I prefer Fage, but TJ's is ok as well.

    If your regular grocery carries Fage, ask them to get the tzatziki too.

    1. Tzatziki is one of those dishes that is all about fresh ingredients, so I can't imagine a good bottled one. This is so easy to make from scratch that I can't see the need to have a processed version.

      1. Well, I have never seen jarred or canned yogurt or kefir, the main component of I don't see how or why it would come that way.

        1. If you have a greek grocery store in your area, they should have it. It comes in a tupperware container. My greek grocer only has huge containers, so I split it with my family. BTW, most restaurants in Baltimore use this kind and don't make their own. I'm greek, making your own is a pain, I buy it.

          1. Ugh. I have had Fage tsatsiki and it is not good. It takes 10 minutes to make so why not make it?? So easy.