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Jul 29, 2008 04:09 PM

Corti Bros. to Close Sacramento Store

According to the SacBee, Corti Bros. has lost their lease and will be closing Sept. 30. The owner says that the business still is profitable and they will be looking for a new location.

I hope that this transpires. Corti's is too good to lose.

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  1. I agree with you, hungerpains. Corti is my sunday afternoon ritual. I'm going to miss everyone, unless they stay in the neighborhood. I've built relationships with a few of the butchers. (Hey, the Italian Import Company Mercato is available!)

    I have shopped regularly at Corti Bros for their cheese selection, great olive oil, pasta, and my anchovy and ventresca fix. Heirloom turkeys in November, crown rib roast at christmas. Sounds like I'm writing a Eulogy.

    I think there will be a bit of a shake-up in our little burg. I heard other rumors about this little circle, but can't say a peep.

    1. Corti Brothers is staying where they are, according to today's LA Times:

      New Chowhound thread on this here: