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Jul 29, 2008 03:13 PM

Almond Meal-ideas/recipes for use

I recently picked up a bag of almond meal from Trader Joe's. I plan to make an almond bar/cookie recipe. Then I thought about coating fish then baking etc. It made wonder how others use almond. Recipes and ideas are welcome. Thanks.

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  1. I use it in a pumpkin bread. I use half white whole wheat flour, and the other half is a mix of this almond meal, oats, oat bran, etc.

    There are various Spanish dishes that call for ground almonds, such as the white gazpacho. This meal isn't ideal for that since it is not made from blanched almonds, but still, it works. The color would less of an issue in a tomato/pepper sauce such as Romesco.

    1. I sometimes use it in creamy mashed potatoes with a bit of butter.

      1. On the web site "Chocolate and", there is a recipe for lemon sables with sea salt that uses almond meal.

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          That recipe is interesting--it is almost like a shortbread. Gives me an idea to make usual shortbread recipe and try substiting almond meal for 1/3-1/2 of the flour required.

        2. I bought a bag recently to use in an almond apple cake that is in Nigella Lawson's Domestic Goddess cookbook. I think there are several other recipes using almond meal in her books as well. Let us know how things turn out!

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              Nigella's almond orange cake is fantastic. You can find it in How to Eat. She slightly modified a Claudia Roden recipe, so I think it's also in Roden's book of Middle Eastern cooking. It uses almonds and eggs instead of flour. I made it a while back for a holiday office meeting that included a gluten-free guy. Half the people at the meeting asked for the recipe, including GF guy.

            2. I make raspberry linzer cookies that use a mixture of flour and almond meal in the dough. I've made them with all flour and, while good, aren't nearly as wonderful as the ones with the almond meal. These keep well, too!

              Linzer torte--you could use your almond meal for that, too!