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Jul 29, 2008 03:03 PM

Walleye/upstate new york

Hi. My groom and I are motorcycling to upstate NY (Buffalo area) and I would like to find a restaurant that serves Walleye. I understand that it's plentiful in Lake Erie and I have heard much about this fish from my husband's days in Minnesota. Help! Thanks.

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  1. It's often called 'yellow pike' in and around Buffalo. There's not many places that serve it as opposed to the usual Friday Nite Fish Fry. Some of the places are:
    Countryside Inn in Alden
    Hoak's Lakeshore in Hamburg
    Red Brick Inn
    Nichole's Wanakah Grill.
    Del & Herb's Restaurant on Grand Island
    Ray's Lounge

    I'd recommend Schwabel's first because it has all the good stuff as sides - German Potato Salad, etc.

    1. There is no commercially available fish for human consumption in the US from the Great Lakes. Due to toxic contaminants, severely reduced fish populations, invasive species, etc. only sport fishing is available.

      In other words, if you want to eat Walleye you'll have to go out there and try to catch one. And, sadly, do not expect the farmed walleye to taste like your husband's from Minnesota.