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Jul 29, 2008 02:49 PM

Budget Wedding Reception--Manhattan

i posted this in the outerborough board and got very little (but helpful-thx!) response. thought i would try here also. we're getting desperate:

We are looking for a nice restaurant with tasty food where we can have a wedding reception. Here is our criteria:
- no more than $100/person including drinks (not full bar, only wine, beer and non-alcoholic drinks), gratuity and taxes
- can accommodate up to 70 people (preferably during winter, but can be flexible with timing)
- in Manhattan, Brooklyn (Carrol Gardens, Park Slope, Brooklyn Heights area) or Queens (Astoria, LIC)
- permitted to stay for at least 3 hours
- within walking distance to subway line
- we would like to a sit down dinner, but are also open to an afternoon cocktail reception with appetizers
- fantastic food!

If you have any ideas, I'd love to hear them!


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  1. My suggestion would be to go to and select the Large Party & Banquet option. After you finding some places that fit your budget and requirements ask us about their food.

    1. Some restaurants with private dining spaces:
      Lupa (for lunch) -- maybe Otto
      The Smith
      Devin Tavern (not sure about price though)
      Stanton Social (ditto)
      Alta (probably too small for you guys though)

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        Alta can fit 70+ in the downstairs area alone. They did a really great job for our rehearsal dinner for around $70 pp, with a minimum of 70 people. While I do recall that they were on the fence about doing private events at all, they really did an excellent job. They had glasses of sangria ready and waiting for our guests early (dinner started at 6, but people arrived to drink before 5:30), and sharing all the different creative food was a real adventure for our guests from the mid west. We were allowed to stay until 9pm, but they were very generous about allowing us to arrive early. It was the best rehearsal dinner ever, and my husband and I joke that we had more fun there than at our wedding the next day.

        For a wedding, they would require you to take the whole restaurant. They explained that they needed to set a flat free (around $20,000, I believe), because if they're are going to do a wedding, they are going to do it right. A lot of extra work goes into making everyone happy (co-ordinating the cake, flower deliveries, etc), and from what I saw, they are going to live up to expectations and there would certainly be plenty of food.

      2. Campanile, on 29th St., b/t Park Av. S. & Madison, is a neighborhood "hidden gem." While I wouldn't call the traditiona Italian fare served there fantastic, it is definitely well-prepared and delicious. There is a private room, but I don't know how many it can hold. However, the dining room is large and can certainly accommodate 70 people. I'm sure the owner, Slavko, would be willing to work with you to put together a dinner package that can meet your budgetary constraints. The restaurant is located 2 blocks from the 28th St. stop on the 6 train.

        Best wishes to you on and your fiancee on your upcoming nuptials.

        1. Try The Harrison in Tribeca

          1. I guess this is late in coming but just saw it.

            We had our wedding and reception at Moran's Chelsea thanks to recommendations from Chowhound. Tom the banquet manager was great and happy to work with our budget. Th food was wonderful, and the homemade cookies provided by the wait staff were great