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Westside Market - Past sell date dairy and spoiled food

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This is the fourth or fifth time in 2 months that I've bought food at the 110th and Broadway Westside Market only to discover it's past it use or sell by date or spoiled. The first time was yogurt- 4 days past its sell by date. I resolved to pay closer attention next time I shopped there. Last month I bought straw-wrapped cheese that was spoiled and rancid.
On Sunday I bought a small prewrapped (in foil) robiola- a cheese that has a natural sour tang. But this one tasted so sour as to be spoiled. The package had a use by date in Italian. When translated it said that the cheese was to have been used within 3 MONTHS of MARCH 16- that's JUNE 16- 6 weeks ago.
(Westside's cheese prices can be lower compared to say Garden of Eden. butif it's spoiled where's the bargain.)
There have been other problem items, as well . Although they are always happy to return my money it's a real drag.

I'm wondering if I'm the only person who has had this exxperience or if this has happened to others?

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  1. Many of their great deals on cheese are for cheese that is past its prime if not spoiled, but I still buy cheese from the 14th Street location. I have returned things which should never have been sold (a pain in the neck), including a cheese spread which was full of mold. A lot of cheese which should only be served at room temperature is stored and sold and room temperature. Just be careful.

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      What is truly galling is that I e mailed Westside Market regrding this problem - and this isn't just a consumer problem but a health code violation - ans never even received a reply.