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Jul 29, 2008 02:47 PM

Pete's Grill in Sunnyside, is this still good?

From what I've read on a few resources this place is applauded for tasty diner food, good prices, big portions, clean spot, and it's open 24 hours??? Are places that are open 24 hours, actually good at late hours? Also, the Georgia Diner which has its fans here, never really impressed me, and frankly, it's pretty pricey. Also, any place that serves pancakes and gives you maple syrup in a plastic packet is off my list immediately, I mean can't they heat up some syrup and put it in a metal serving decanter. If IHOP can do it, shouldn't a diner?

At Pete's, please tell me they don't serve the syrup in packets?

Also, no online menu for Pete's Grill, any one have the menu that can list a few prices, for burgers, and pancakes, waffles, etc...

Thanks for the current info...

More affordable places are needed these days!

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  1. I have been to Petes Grill 2x both times were @ 2:00 am in the morning (i work nights) their prices r really good portions r large and I do belive they have syrup in serving decantors.but dont hold me to that I havent ordered breakfast their yet there burgers r good, wraps and sandwiches r good and yes they r opened 24 hrs. try it I go to POPS dinner on QB their good also food and service wise. But I will b going to Petes a lot more now

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      I went once and didn't think it was anything special. I ordered a gyro platter which was your basic diner gyro platter, nothing more, nothing less. It's true that the prices are decent. Still, one of the waiters was rude to our party (all students, hanging around perhaps longer than we should have, but the place was nearly empty, it was late, and we were studying. What exactly is the point of a 24 hour place if you can't hang around after finishing your food, especially if no one is waiting for your table?)

    2. We went last night the first time to try. OMG! It was the worst dining experience ever. The free glass of wine that came with the dinner special was corked. It tasted like sweet vineger. The beef fajita did not come with the regular trimming and not to mention, one taste of the beef, I quickly spitted it out because it was rotten. The meat lasagna, I have never seen anyone prepare it the way it was served to me. There was at least 1 inch of ricotta cheese between two thin layers of pasta without sauce in between and the meat sauce was thrown onto it.
      I was affraid to eat anything after the taste of beef... Yuck!!!

      1. It's a diner, and pretty much like any other diner/coffee shop in the NYC area. Don't order anything too fancy, and don't anticipate greatness in any way, and you should be OK. It's similar to, but a little better than, nearby NY Eats, and has the advantage of going 24 hours.

        Late night food quality tends to decline everywhere, because the freshness of the ingredients declines, stuff that's pre-cooked gets old, and the better cooks don't work the late late shift. I generally just order eggs when eating really late.

        1. I found the pancakes at Pete's Grill much too thick and doughy for my taste. The syrup came in a bottle, but the butter was served in individual "patties," which were so difficult to open that I had to ask the waiter for assistance.

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            Girl you didn't! Did you really ask the waiter to help you open the butter.

          2. Diner wise I think it's pretty good. I like the eggs and had a good grilled cheese and fries there. If that's the kind of thing you get at a diner I think you'll be happy. Plus there's parking.

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              I have only ever ordered delivery - have never been inside. Mostly, just breakfast. Which, considering they deliver 24 hours a day (!!!!) has been very good. The omelettes are very good. And I thought the pancakes were okay. I am not much of a pancake person. I mostly eat them when I am blue. But the last I am ordered from NY Style Eats, the were raw in the middle. Not so from Pete's. The waffle was big and crisp - even after delivery. Speaking of delivery , I only ordered from Foxy's diner once and did not again because the delivery guy was kinda mean. Back to Pete's. My one prob was when I ordered the spinach pie with greek salad. The pie had way, waaaaayyyy too much dill for my taste. But, my biggest bone to pick, was that the guy on the phone asked me what kind of dressing I wanted with my salad, and I replied, "Greek salad dressing, you know the kind they put on Greek salad". Seemed to me and odd question. When I received my order there was Italian dressing on the side. Which, I guess would not be so bad if I did not have a complete, utter, disgusted aversion to Italian dressing. I just used oil and vinegar from my cabinet.

              All that said, not bad for standard diner fare. Stick to diner basics and it is a good choice for decent prices and a break from all the great ethnic food here. I still prefer Stop Inn on 61st Street.

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                “As a comedian, you have to start your act out strong, but you also have to save some of the good stuff for later... You can’t be like pancakes, all exciting at first, but by the end you’re fuckin’ sick of ‘em.” --Mitch Hedburg