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Jul 29, 2008 02:09 PM

[Bangkok] Cooking classes or food tours in Bangkok?

Hi Chowhounders,

I'm looking for recommendations for food tours and/or cooking classes. I've read about a few cooking classes on Trip Advisor, but would rather get the foodie opinion.

Also have seen the 6 hour, $250 food tour that looks great but seems sort of ridiculously priced. ( Anyone heard feedback on that one?

I'll be in Bangkok with a friend for a few days and then by myself for 2 days. Am willing consider all price ranges, but when my friend is around I don't want to make her spend too much.

Any suggestions?

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  1. $250 seems a bit over-the-top; Most tour guides would let you move in for that much!

    Armed with the tips found here, and elsewhere, you can easily do your own tour. I will link my Google map to give you some suggestions / locations. You can make your own Google map to map out your itinerary.

    I would suggest you start your excursion at Aw Taw Kaw market. Here you will find a classic, although a bit upscale, "wet" market. There is also a great food court and plenty of ready-to-eat snacks.

    Aw Taw Kaw is easily accessed by the MRT (subway). Head to the Kamphaengphet station, then exit through exit #3.


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      Wow, Curt, this map is amazing! Thanks so much!

      1. re: Curt the Soi Hound

        Spectacular map, Curt. What a labor of love. Only sorry I didn't have it when I was in Bangkok a couple of years ago. Makes me want to go back immediately.

      2. You may also want to check out the Oriental Hotel's Cooking School. Details here:

        (It used to be run by the very talented Chalie Amatyakul for years, but I think he's now in Singapore)

        1. Beccofino restaurant on Thonglor has cooking classes including a lunch with wine afterwards. Check it out here
          It is usually held at least twice a month or more, depends on demand.

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            It seems sort of bizarre to go to Thailand to take an Italian cooking class, no?

              1. re: Lina

                Hi Lina,
                I do not want to belabor the point, but it is all the way in which you look at it. A Thai cooking class in New York. Why not? Of course, you are visiting Thailand to experience Thai culture! I know that.
                There are many cooking classes in Bangkok, this one just happens to be a bargain for the quality of the chef and the price, which includes the cooking class, a lunch afterwards with the same 3 course menu you were just taught, and a wine tasting all for 1,500 baht about $45. You cannot find all of this in Europe or the U.S. for anywhere near that price. That is why I just threw it out, in case anyone was interested.

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                  In that context, it doesn't seem quite so bizarre.

            1. Hi all, I went to to Aw Taw Kaw (per your suggestion, Curt) and it was as good I've heard. I also took the cooking class at Baipai Cooking School ( today and would highly recommend it. I've taken cooking classes in a few places and this was definitely one of the better ones.

              1. I also went to Baipai in Bangkok in 2006 and thought it was great - - as well as reasonably priced. As I remember they do a different set of recipes each day and I regretted not being able to go back for a 2nd class. In my group there were about 15 people including a professional chef from Australia and some fairly confident/competitive US women, so I was quite worried that as a UK male I would show myself up as unable to make the more intricate Thai dishes properly (all thumbs) ... but I did fine and was very pleased with myself. We all had fun and laughed a lot but the instructors were pretty tough on us to make sure we took the lesson seriously and didn't fall behing the timetable. If you want a quick intro to how Thai people cook (but SO much hot chilli) I would recommend it