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Where to get boudin balls?

I'll be in NOLA for two nights this fall. We've always come during Jazz Fest where DH can get his fill of boudin balls, which he adores. Since we can't get them at the fest, can anyone recommend a place to go? I can't think of anywhere that I've seen it on the menu. Any help would be great! We'll be staying just outside of the FQ.

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  1. Cochon has fried boudin w/pickled peppers- very tasty- it's under the boucherie section of the menu and is a small plate

    1. Storyville on Magazine St. has some great boudin balls, served with lemon-butter sauce or spicy mustard and some baguette slices. My boyfriend and I order them each and every visit. Their burgers are pretty damn good too.

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          N.O.Food- I hope they truly are just renovating because I love their burgers and those boudin balls. /sigh

      1. First, catch a male boudin...

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          Nosh, well played. I would suggest Elizabeth's for boudin. I always order it there with my brunch. Great food and good crowd. Sit upstairs and be sure to order a bloody mary.

        2. Or if you venture forth to Baton Rouge the Chimes has killer boudin balls and the sauce is slap your mamma. The same people own the Varsity and Parrains. It is the worth the trip to Baton Rouge.

          1. another good trek would be Bubba Frey's in Mowata, BEST EVER......

            1. Completely second the Storyville recommendation...they're amazing there, and you can get a cold beer and an excellent burger as well. And you can do it at midnight if you'd like.

              1. The purple truck outside of Tipitina's on Napoleon and Tchop has the best boudin balls. They are only there late nights when Tips has a show. They are the size of a toddler's fist, and about three to an order. YUM.

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                  I forgot about that! I had them at last year's jazz fest. They also had the most AMAZING pork sandwich with slaw. Best truck food I've ever had.

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                    That pork sandwich is awesome. Their ribs, too ...

                    I had some AMAZING and GIANT boudin balls at Rabideaux's in Iowa, LA last weekend. It is a few hours outside New Orleans off I-10 on the way to Houston. We also had fried livers and gizzards, shrimp pistolette, and dirty rice -- all winners.

                2. Alright, I have Never had any two Boudin taste the same. If you can catch Good Food Ta'Geaux on Frenchman Street on a Sat night...

                  I had really good Boudin at Joey K's though don't know if it is a regular thing there.
                  I just love Boudin more than almost anything...

                  Good luck. We hung y'all on today's Ladda so somebody gonna come true!
                  Editilla~New Orleans Ladder

                  1. Boudin balls would be a good example of Cajun food, not NOLA. I don't know if you can even get decent boudin in the city. Not sure if it helps, but if you are driving through La on I-10, stop in Sulphur (exit 23) and find either The Boiling Point or the Sausage Link. They both have great boudin balls and crawfish pistolletes and all other kinds of Cajun foods. Although you can also find in places like Thibodeaux and Houma which are not too far from NOLA. I don't have any good suggestions over there, but any small town Cafe to the South or West of NOLA should have a version of what you want.

                    1. Yeah, the purple truck, the Que Crawl or something like that, they have great food. I haven't seen em lately but then again, I haven't been out lately that late...so...

                      Cochon would be my first go to place. They have good Fried Chicken Livers too. Also, when Parasol's has them, they are good...but I've heard some scary things about the cleanliness of the place lately...scary enough that I haven't stepped foot in the place in months.

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                        JaG, we saw The Purple Truck by Tip's on the way home from Hansen's on Saturday evening. First time I'd seen it. I look forward to trying it one day.

                        Where are you staying "just outside the quarter"?
                        I know this is a long shot, but for those of you who ever get to this part of town . . . in fact, it's not all that far from the Hong Kong Market, so maybe locals would go there!

                        Down Belle Chase Hwy about a mile past Behrman Hwy is a truck stop type gas station. It is not huge, but inside they sell all kinds of things truckers would buy. They have a deli with freshly fried chicken, boudin balls, etc.
                        They are not the absolute best boudin balls I've had, but save a trip to Lafayette, they'll do just fine.

                        I'd second JaG's Cochon recommendation.

                      2. Boucherie in the Garden District is the best! Was just there for lunch on the weekend. It is at Carrollton and Jeanette Streets behind the Lebanon restaurant.

                        1. La Petite Grocery has boudin balls, too. Mmmmm.