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Jul 29, 2008 01:34 PM

Where to get boudin balls?

I'll be in NOLA for two nights this fall. We've always come during Jazz Fest where DH can get his fill of boudin balls, which he adores. Since we can't get them at the fest, can anyone recommend a place to go? I can't think of anywhere that I've seen it on the menu. Any help would be great! We'll be staying just outside of the FQ.

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  1. Cochon has fried boudin w/pickled peppers- very tasty- it's under the boucherie section of the menu and is a small plate

    1. Storyville on Magazine St. has some great boudin balls, served with lemon-butter sauce or spicy mustard and some baguette slices. My boyfriend and I order them each and every visit. Their burgers are pretty damn good too.

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          N.O.Food- I hope they truly are just renovating because I love their burgers and those boudin balls. /sigh

      1. First, catch a male boudin...

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          Nosh, well played. I would suggest Elizabeth's for boudin. I always order it there with my brunch. Great food and good crowd. Sit upstairs and be sure to order a bloody mary.

        2. Or if you venture forth to Baton Rouge the Chimes has killer boudin balls and the sauce is slap your mamma. The same people own the Varsity and Parrains. It is the worth the trip to Baton Rouge.

          1. another good trek would be Bubba Frey's in Mowata, BEST EVER......