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Jul 29, 2008 01:18 PM

Favorite family restaurants on the Big Island of Hawaii

My family of six (with four young kids) are headed to the Big Island for vacation in two weeks. We are looking for family-friendly, casual, relatively inexpensive, but good eating places there. Thanks for your recs.

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  1. In Hilo, Ken's Pancake House, open 24 hours. Everything from pancakes to burgers and fries to spaghetti.

    1. The Big Island is, er-r rather "big," by Hawaiian standards. It would help greatly to know where you will be staying, and if you are adverse to driving for meals. The Big Island has some public transportation, but nothing like Da' Bus on O`ahu.

      Rather than listing places, that would be a two-hour drive, let everyone know where you will be staying.

      Also, if you can give us a budget/person, that might help, as well.

      The Big Island has all sorts of great restaurants, at most levels, so you should get some great recs. We just want to keep it close, and within budget.



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        Thanks for the request for more specifics. We'll be staying in Kona with day trips to Hilo and Kohala coast.

        Our preference is enjoying the local flavor. Our home is LA, so we already get the variety of ethnic Asian, Latino, Mediterranean cuisines.


        1. re: joncwu63

          Great! You're getting to see more of the Big Island, than far too many do.

          There have been some good Hilo threads recently. Rather than fill in my details from Hilo, too long ago to be worthwhile, please do a search of this board and plug in Hilo. More reviews in the last six months, than the last 5 years.

          Now, the locals, and the recent travelers can help you with your selections. Most of my reviews on CH, have been in the Kona Area (over the last 3 years) at high-end spots. I love 'em, and stand by 'em, but that might not be what you're looking for.

          Most of all, enjoy - The Big Island is a wonderful place. Do not be in a hurry, and take it all in, even if you do not get to every town, or each side of the Island.



      2. On the Kona side I like Manago Inn and Teshima, family style in the Hawaiian sense. In Hilo, Cafe 100.

        1. in Kona town the Big Island Grill might be best and in Waimea the Island Style Cafe would work out best

          1. We just got back (hours ago!) from the Big Island. We loved Original Thai in Kona; definitely a locals place. No view; in a strip mall behind a Firestone Tire store, but AWESOME Thai food.

            We ate at the Fish Hopper right on the bay in Kona yesterday on our way out of town, and I was underwhelmed. Not bad food, but bad service and nothing special food-wise.