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Jul 29, 2008 12:25 PM

Archie's Pizza In Key Biscayne, FL, Warning! Red Flag

My wife and I were just in Miami, Florida the past four days on a small trip to get away from it all. We drove our rental car to Key Biscayne because we heard that the beaches there are beautiful which they were. Crandon Beach was beautiful. Anyway we were hungry and had a taste for pizza. We saw Archie's so we pulled into the parking lot and parked. Went into the restaurant and no one greeted us or approached us to seat us or to tell us to choose our own place to sit. So we had to approach the waiter and asked if we should seat ourselves or if they seat us and he said sit anywhere. Well we sat there for about 15 minutes and no one came by to ask if we want any drinks or ready to order. So we see an employee walk by and we had to flag him down to tell him we would like to order. Then he said to us in a rude manner "I'm not your waiter" and that's it. He said it not only in a rude way he looked angry. He said it with angst. He said nothing more then we said that we'd like him to get our waiter. He said that they were busy and it won't be for awhile before the waiter can come by. We never assumed that he was our waiter but because he was an employee there we figured if he's the waiter he can take our order and if he's not a waiter but a busboy he could have at least offered to get us our waiter but he made no effort to do so. He was rude and unhelpful. So we sat there for another 10 minutes and I told my wife we need to leave that even if they are busy the busboy could have been polite and helpful and he could have offered to get drinks for us or at least have our waiter come by immediately to get us drinks while we wait. I don't mean drinks on the house, just for us to order drinks. Most restaurants have waiters who would at least stop by and tell us they are busy and get us our drinks first. There were 3 employees there and not the other lady or man came to help us or acknowledge us too. Or have bus boys who would offer to get us water or take our drinks and also to get our waiter. I don't care how good the food might have been or if it's Zagat rated, if the service is bad and the staff are rude I will not eat at that restaurant and support them with my money. I will not oder at a place like that. When he said "I'm not your waiter" I should have said "I'm not your customer" and left. They lost business because of this and Sir Pizza down the street got our business. Sir Pizza was great. The food was great and the service was tops. I will save Sir Pizza for a separate review but just know now Sir Pizza is tops in my book.

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  1. Growing up my best friend lived on Key Biscayne and we would get Pizza there all the time. Even though I live in Miami, I had not thought of the place in 20 years. I am glad you reminded me, because next time I take my kids to the beach on key biscayne we can stop by for a pie!

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      Foodie, well I hope the service is better for you when you go there than it was for me and when GA578 used to go there because if it's not you will be severely disappointed by the experience that you and your kids have there.

    2. I am not surprised by this at all. The location in Coral Gables isn't much better. I used to go there relatively often with a few colleagues because we would split a pizza and a couple of salads. It's a great lunch place but the service is terrible. They are rude and indignant. The way they treated us sometimes it seemed as if they were doing us this huge favor or something. Anyway, we stopped going when we realized that we had to get our own silverware and water. We figured it just wasn't a good thing that we were deciding which table to sit at based upon how close it was to the waitress' water and oil/vinegar station.

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        By the way, the food in Miami was great overall. The Don Pan Bakery in downtown on 2nd Street near the Hyatt Regency was tops in my book. The staff there were polite and friendly and the empanadas and other goods of that like were very good and reasonable. I should do a separate review of that too.

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          Sir Pizza is great. Saved my life on 4th of July! :)

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            Sir Pizza saved my marriage on July 27th when we were on Key Biscayne!

      2. The original comment has been removed