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Jul 29, 2008 12:07 PM

Cheap or Moderately priced restaurants in Victoria?

Looking for any kind of food in Victoria or Vancouver Island in general. Seafood of course, but any other 'must eat' dishes are welcome. --DVR

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  1. There is not a whole lot of cheap eats to be found in Victoria unfortunately. Some exceptions:

    Noodle Box (two locations - one on Fisgard in Chinatown, one downtown on Douglas) offers yummy fresh food with lots of veggies for about $10-12 and if you're not a little piggy like me, you can stretch it to two meals.

    Red Fish Blue Fish - located in the Inner Harbour in a shipping container - is cheap to moderately priced, excellent, fresh seafood. Definitely worth a visit. Try the tuna tacones. It's a very casual place; you sit on the dock, so when I say moderately priced, I mean given the environment and lack of amenities.

    Brunch is a real Victoria trend - Lady Marmalade (lower Johnson St), Floyd's (Yates St) and Shine Cafe (Fort St) are all highly recommended and not very pricey. A good way to save money is to go for a hearty breakfast at one of these places and then pick up sandwich/salad fixings at Yates St Market or Thrifty Foods for a late lunch/dinner.

    More suggestions later...

    1. I visit Victoria once in a while and usually stay close to the inner harbour. For lunch, I go to "Sam's Deli"- the serve sandwiches and soup- pretty cheap for what you get, especially considering the alternatives.