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Cheap or Moderately priced restaurants in Victoria?

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Looking for any kind of food in Victoria or Vancouver Island in general. Seafood of course, but any other 'must eat' dishes are welcome. --DVR

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  1. There is not a whole lot of cheap eats to be found in Victoria unfortunately. Some exceptions:

    Noodle Box (two locations - one on Fisgard in Chinatown, one downtown on Douglas) offers yummy fresh food with lots of veggies for about $10-12 and if you're not a little piggy like me, you can stretch it to two meals.

    Red Fish Blue Fish - located in the Inner Harbour in a shipping container - is cheap to moderately priced, excellent, fresh seafood. Definitely worth a visit. Try the tuna tacones. It's a very casual place; you sit on the dock, so when I say moderately priced, I mean given the environment and lack of amenities.

    Brunch is a real Victoria trend - Lady Marmalade (lower Johnson St), Floyd's (Yates St) and Shine Cafe (Fort St) are all highly recommended and not very pricey. A good way to save money is to go for a hearty breakfast at one of these places and then pick up sandwich/salad fixings at Yates St Market or Thrifty Foods for a late lunch/dinner.

    More suggestions later...

    1. I visit Victoria once in a while and usually stay close to the inner harbour. For lunch, I go to "Sam's Deli"- the serve sandwiches and soup- pretty cheap for what you get, especially considering the alternatives.