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Jul 29, 2008 12:04 PM

Wild Game Burgers

Hello All,
Going to be in Philadelphia for the weekend in 2 weeks - My g/f wants to go to Half Moon Saloon in Kennett Square to try their wild game burgers. Since it is about an hour away I was hoping to find out if there are any places closer to where we will be that serves what she is looking for and if not, is the trip and our time worth it?

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  1. I wouldn't bother driving out to the Half Moon if you're staying in Philly, it's too far to drive for a burger that's just OK. I was there a few months ago and tried two different game burgers, bison and something else, they were both overcooked and dry.

    If she really wants to try some meats you wouldn't normally see, I'd recommend going to Zot, on Lombard street just off Headhouse Square. They have a menu of steaks made from kangaroo, ostrich, bison, and several other animals. They're not available in burger form, though.

    The best burger in the city can be found at the Good Dog, but it's made of beef. The South Philly Tap Room makes a wild boar burger that's pretty good, too.

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      Thanks for the reply! I think Zot sounds like a place that will suit her needs.
      Any other suggestions for another meal while there? I have read alot about Geno's and Pat's but she wants to go there anyway!!

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        I'd skip cheesesteaks entirely and get a roast pork sandwich from Tony Luke's, or DiNics in the Reading Terminal Market.

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          1. The Half Moon has admittedly gone downhill in the past few years. The burgers are hit-or-miss and not worth the drive. The crab nachos and the desserts there are very good though but admittedly not worth the 45 minute drive from center city when there are much better things to eat downtown. Maybe a trip to Kennett Square would be warranted if you snagged a reservation at Talulas Table or were seeing Longwood Gardens but other than that (and very good Mexican Ice Cream in town), I'd pass on Kennett.

          2. Avoid Geno's and Pat's unless you want to be disappointed. I second the roast pork sandwich (with provolone and rabe) at DiNic's. A much better choice. And while were at it, don't even think of trying the bison burgers at Ted's Montana Grill here.

    2. My favorite little bar in old city (Sassafras, across from Plow the Stars on 2nd) serves up some pretty good burgers (Sirloin, Lamb, Buffalo, and Osterich). Cool spot to start your night or to just stop in for a cocktail.