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Jul 29, 2008 11:44 AM

Best Restaurant for a Splurge Girls Night

Hi all-

My girlfriends and I are coming to NO to celebrate our 30th birthdays.

Last time we were there, we were in our mid-twenties and not employed gainfully enough to dine anywhere special. (Though we found many many other ways to fall in love with the food and the city and succumb to hangovers that I still talk about.)

So my question is:

Where should we make dinner reservations for a celebratory triple 30th birthday dinner?

Commanders Palace

are these woefully out-of-date? Am I missing any top contenders?

Can't wait to be back.

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  1. Galatoire's, Stella!, Cuvee, August, Patois, Iris, Clancy's, MiLa, Bistro Daisy

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    1. re: edible complex

      Commander's in the garden room would be the most fun. August and Cuvee are excellent, elegant and sedate. Brennans a definite NO!. Galatoire's is boisterous and a truly NOLA experience. You would be going for the experience rather than outstanding food.

    2. I would skip Brennan's, it's just okay. Go to Commander's for the quintessential new orleans experience that still serves excellently prepared food. Bayona is outstanding, too. It's just not as traditional.

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        N.O.Food, I haven't been to Bayona in a while. We were all disappointed finding it overrated with bla food. However, your opinions so often mirror mine that I am considering a return visit. What did you have?

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          I agree. We should all go eat sometime. Let's see. The wife and I both did the 23.00 lunch special. Sad to say I can't exactly recall what we had. The sweetbreads stand out as well as the scallop dish. Sorry I can't be more helpful. I can say that it was one of the better, if not the best, lunch I've had all Summer. Nothing earth-shattering, just every dish was really solid. I'd give it another shot. Everywhere has off days and nights - especially post katrina. We just went to Stella last night for the first time in about a year and a half after having a bad experience there. Happy to report we had an excellent dinner this time around.

          1. re: N.O.Food

            Funny, we also had a disappointing meal at Stella! about 6 or so months ago. Haven't been back since.

      2. Galatoire's is the best "good time" restaurant with exceptional food and terrific service. it's always a party in there. a total throwdown. people sit there for hours and take their time, get hammered, and enjoy incredible food.
        another fun place with wonderful food is jacque-imo's, you would be right next to the Maple Leaf bar which is a great place to hit after dinner to boogie down all night.

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        1. re: mcegielski

          Only hesitation that I would have with Galatoire's would be the birthday ladies standing in line, prior to their meal. If they make reservations upstairs, it's not the same experience, and is a bit more quiet (normally) up there.

          Hence, my rec. for CP.


        2. Predicated, solely on your three choices, I'd opt for Commanders. In the Garden Room, you should be able to have fun, without incurring the looks of others, too critically. Food and service are good, and the Garden Room is open enough, so that you do not feel too confined.

          Enjoy, and happy birthdays!


          1. I love the following for girls nights out: Cuvee, Jacques Imo, Cochon...there are so many fun places! Don't overthink it! Have Fun!